January 16, 2016

Governor Dairus Ishaku versus Aisha Al-Hassan: For peace to reign in Taraba

Governor Dairus  Ishaku versus Aisha Al-Hassan: For peace to reign in Taraba


History, some people say, is the best teacher of a people. It is from history a society is able to know about itself, its past, the present and even try to project what tomorrow may be. It is from history that a people are able to learn from its past mistakes and efforts made to avoid pitfalls of the past. It will be therefore unfortunate if the people of our dear state of Taraba (fondly referred to as the Nature’s Gift to the nation) do not want to learn from history at this stage of its stagnation.



Our memories are still fresh with the calamities, misfortunes and chaos that enveloped the state for nearly two years, after the unfortunate aircraft accident involving a former governor of the state. Today, nearly a year after the end of that administration, the Taraba people are yet to recover. By divine intervention however, God Almighty brought in Governor Dairus Dickson Ishaku as the new helmsman to rescue the state. I do not want to pretend or attempt to assume that Governor Ishaku is a saint or that Senator Aisha Jummai Al-Hassan is an angel.

I have utmost confidence in both Ishaku and Aisha as true indigenes of Taraba, who, if given the chance and support can rescue the state from its backwardness. However, it is my candid opinion that for now, God the maker and giver of all powers, in His infinite mercies, gave the throne of leadership of  the people of Taraba to Ishaku and we should all let it be.

Recent events that happened and are still happening in Bayelsa following the governorship election in the state are enough to awaken the consciousness of our brothers and sisters in Taraba state. Unquantifiable lives and property have been destroyed in the state just for an election into one office. Tarabans should not allow themselves to be dragged into such unnecessary state of destruction.

This is why our political elite, especially the principal actors in the on-going disagreement over who governs the state, that is, Governor Ishaku  or Senator Aisha, must be very cautions of their utterances and actions. Both ishaku and Aisha must know that their utterances and actions, if not properly guarded, can throw the state and its peace loving people once more into a state of anarchy and total chaos. Ishaku and Aisha should bear in mind that only an atmosphere of peace and tranquility can guarantee the necessary environment for any of them to govern the state. Unnecessary allegations and counter allegations, unfounded claims and counter claims will do no one any good.

For me, the decision by the Governor not to allow his supporters to celebrate his victory at the Appeal Court is most commendable and should be heralded by all well meaning Tarabans because nobody can say what negative impact such a celebration would have  had in the state if it was allowed. I also wish to advise the gentleman Governor that he must endeavour to carry all Tarabans along because he is a leader for all. He must see and treat all Tarabans, be they politicians, Muslims, Christians, Jukun, Mumuye, Yanda, Fulani or Mambila, all should be treated equitably.

Taraba belongs to all of us, Ishaku should see himself as a governor for all, a governor for no one in particular. Taraba has had enough of the rough times and enough is enough. Now is the time to enjoy the good things of life like in other states. It is our turn to also enjoy the dividends of democracy like Gombe people enjoyed under Danjuma Goje, Bauchi  state under Adam Muazu, Kaduna state under Ahmed Makarfi, Akwa Ibom under Godswill Akpabio and Lagosians under Babatunde Fashola.

Governor Ishaku must as a matter of necessity extend a hand of friendship to Senator Aisha and the two should  sit down  together  to share their  dreams for the state  and its people in the overall interest of all.

By Abdullahi Musa