January 9, 2016

Davido, baby-mama drama: Who takes custody of the baby?

Davido, baby-mama drama: Who takes custody of the baby?

Davido and Sophia

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Nigerian pop star, Davido and his baby-mama, Sophie are presently involved in a feud over the custody of their child, Imade. The story has taken various shapes, starting from the airport incident to the petition written against Davido by Sophie to Davido’s lengthy open letter. The issue is on everyone’s lips and we sought out entertainers and stakeholders on who should take custody of the child.

Davido and Sophia

Davido and Sophia

Davido’s family took custody of the baby following allegation that Imade had been infected by marijuana which was said to have been passed to the seven month old baby through breast-feeding. Sophie is claiming that Davido’s family abducted the baby and planned taking her abroad but Immigration officials helped her stop the trip.

They shouldn’t have dragged this into public glare – Seun Omojola, actress and filmmaker

They shouldn’t have dragged that child into public glare. I believe whatever issue they are having should be sorted out in closed doors. The child will definitely grow up and read about it some day. It’s not good . You cannot take a child away from her mother. They both have the right to her custody. It shouldn’t be full custody for one person. It’s their child.

She made a mistake from the onset – Yetunde Bakare, actress and movie producer
According to reports, she left her child when she was just two months old. It doesn’t show any trait of her being a responsible mother. Davido should take the custody of the child because he has been catering for her from infant-hood. I know all these will not matter if her monthly allowance was not stopped. It will not have become a public discourse. It isn’t for the fact that she loves the child. It’s like Sophie Momodu has an ulterior motive. The child was taken away from her when she was two months old. If she had expressed her grouse then, she would have probably gotten justice. She made a mistake from the onset.

Joint custody will be the best for both sides – Annette Cookey, singer
I really don’t like to get into other people’s personal issues but I believe joint custody will be best for both sides, especially for the child. The child’s well-being should come first. The baby needs the dad, mum and an emotionally healthy environment to grow and of course to become great.
No one has the right to separate a mother from her child– Esther Ijewere Kalejaiye, Coordinator, Walk Against Rape
No one has the right to separate a mother from her child. If she has issues as alleged, then her family can step in and take care of the child, while she sorts herself. Above all, I believe both parties should manage the situation maturely and find a common ground because of the child. Sophie’s family should take the custody of the child. Davido can’t take the child away from her.

No child should be denied motherly love – Moji Olaiya, actress and movie producer
Our Constitution supports Sophie having the custody of the child because the child is under aged. But due to the hazards her company may have on the child, I think she has forfeited that right. However, under no circumstance should a child be denied motherly love, care and affection. Therefore, Sophie should have the child but should be supervised by a close relative, preferably her mother.

Davido will give his child more attention – Senator (comedian)
Sophie is not medically fit to have the child in her custody. Davido will give his child more attention. If Davido had not “abducted” the child from his baby-mama as purported by Sophie, Imade will be dead by now. And there won’t be need for this conversation. I think Sophie needs to learn how to manage her health before entrusting the welfare of a child to her.

Don’t deny Sophie access to her child – Awele Odita, actress and movie producer
I am of the opinion that Davido should not deny his baby-mama access to their child even if he has the child in his custody. No woman from the place I come from would leave her child for a man. The African custom frowns at that. She should
keep the child.

Let the court decide – Hannah Ogundare, actress
Davido’s story is more convincing, but let the court decide.

Davido should fight for the custody of the child —Imelda J

People that know me too well will agree with me that I don’t joke with any issue that has to do with women in the society. In fact, I am a feminist to a fault. But looking at the whole scenario, I am tempted to throw my weight behind Davido provided all the evidences he has tended are true. I am not saying this because I am an artiste, but simply because I am actually baffled by some of the revelations and exhibits provided by the Adelekes. The Momodus claimed that baby Imade was abducted about five months ago. Why didn’t Sophia raise the alarm or better still establish a case in the court against Davido then?

Why did she in the first place accept to collect money from the Adelekes’ overtime? Is it that she was enjoying the money and forgot that her child was not with her? Why would any reasonable woman succumb to pressure no matter the situation, and accept money in place of the happiness of her new born baby? If indeed she was forced to give away her child, why did she accept the N300,000 that was allocated to her? After pondering over these questions, I feel that Sophia over- stepped her boundaries. I have read a lot of comments and realized that most people, especially men were just insulting Davido because he is one brother they will never have. Yes, he is from a wealthy background. And he’s a successful musician. So, many people failed to realize that Davido is also human. He has feelings and has worked hard to earn his place in the music industry. Many Nigerian artistes know too well that it is not easy to get to where Davido is today. I want to advice those who have been raining insults on Davido to have a rethink.

I have personally witnessed a situation whereby men will impregnate a lady without taking responsibility. Some ladies have been disowned by their parents’ houses, as a result of giving birth out of wedlock. But in this case, Davido decided to act responsible regardless of his age. I think that action alone should have honoured the Momodus. They (Momodus) are asking for too much. But what is important here is the welfare of the poor child. I advice the Momodus and the Adelekes to resolve their differences amicably. Davido should please use the legal means to protect the life of that child. And to his fans out there. He was 21years as at then and could have been manipulated by his estranged lover. Remember everybody makes mistake. That you are a baby mama does not make your baby Daddy.
Davido should make his baby-mama happy—GT Da Guitarman
The beautiful thing is that Davido has already owned up to his responsibilities as the father of the child. He loves the child but also needs to accommodate the mother. It is not good enough to take away the mother from her child. Davido should do all in his power to make Sophie happy. The deed has been done and it can’t be changed. He needs to inculcate her into the family for the sake of the child.

Stop the ongoing media war —Adokiye

If both families have an existing squabble, they can resolve it through proper dialogue and in turn encourage Davido to legally marry his baby mama because by so doing, they will save themselves a lot of future problems which include addressing and treating the innocent child as illegitimate. It is also my opinion that both families should settle any existing squabble amicably and put a stop to the ongoing media war.

It’s a personal problem—Ego, singer
I don’t know the full story but personally, I don’t like talking about my colleagues. This is because I see that as their personal problems. I don’t like involving myself in their problems.

I won’t say anything—Faze, singer
I don’t like talking about people’s private lives. Moreover, they are my colleagues, so I won’t say anything as long as they are still my colleagues.

They should allow the mother to take custody—David Karnji, Infinity group artiste
My advice is that since the baby is still young, Davido’s family should allow the mother to take care of her baby. Actually, a child needs the mother more than the father and looking at the lifestyle of musicians, it’s best to allow the baby to grow before they fight over who takes custody of the baby. But if the mother is living a lifestyle that is not suitable for the growth of the child, it is better to allow the father the custody of the child.