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Bayelsa supplementary poll: Final result as announced by INEC

Total Registered voters 654493
Total Accredited Votes 242114
Total valid votes 225520
Rejected votes 6647
Total votes cast 232167

APC 86,852
PDP 134,998
PDM 1572g

Southern Ijaw council area collation officer Dr. Dagana

No of registered voters 120,827x
Accredited Voters 35,594
No of votes scored APC 10,216
PDP 23,081
Total valid votes 33,607
Rejected votes 927
Total votes cast 34,534

Nembe supplementary poll
Collation officer Dr. Victor Torubelebb
No of registered voters 4294
Accredited voters 2649
Votes scored APC 1400, PDP 1160
Total valid votes 2574
Rejected votes 31
Total votes cast 2605

Ekeremor supplementary poll

Collation officer, Dr. Perekibina Beriweni
Total registered votes 9157
Accredited votes 3018
Votes scored APC 257, PDP 2695
Total valid votes 2968
Rejected votes 42
Total votes cast 3010

Ogbia supplementary result collation officer, Dr Anakwe
No of Registered voters 4344
No of accredited voters 1551
Votes scored APC 139, PDP 1290
Total valid votes 1449
Rejected votes 47
Total vote cast 1496

Sagbama supplementary result
No of Registered voters 2005
No of accredited voters 326
Votes scored APC 111, PDP 180
Total valid votes 303
Rejected votes 21
Total votes cast 324

Brass supplementary result
No of Registered voters 2255
No of accredited voters 1703
Votes scored APC 1679, PDP 05
Total valid votes 1696
Rejected votes 7
Total votes cast 1703

Yenagoa: Collation officer, Dr. Perekeme Bertola, lecturer Niger Delta University
7 registered areas with 18 polling units
No of registered voters 9560
Accredited Voters 1480
No of votes scored APC 448
PDP 839
Total valid votes 1309
Rejected votes 54
Total vote cast 1363


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