December 30, 2015

My wife is more sexually responsive after I beat her up

Dear Bunmi, I can’t stay faithful to one man

We have been married for four years now but I have come to the conclusion that I have made a terrible mistake marrying my wife.Despite her good family background and good education, she has a problem keeping her volatile temper in check.



At the drop of a hat, she blows up and levels all sorts of accusations against me. Apart from her verbal abuse, she’s recently resorted to being physical, but I soon tried to curb that.The first time she raised her hands to me, I really beat some common sense into her.

She’s tried it a couple of times since then and I’ve given her the  beating she deserves. I am not a violent person but some women really bring out the violence in you.Surprisingly, I’ve also discovered that my wife is more sexually responsive after I have roughened her up.

This has excited me a bit and encouraged me to beat her more, though not to the extent that I would harm her.

Do you think she is one of these type of women who like violent sex? Patrick, bye-mail.
Dear Patrick,

It is obvious that your wife thrives on violence and needs it as a stimulant for sex. But you should not encourage her because the more violence you exhibit, the more hardened she becomes.

If you have children, they will soon grow up to adolescence and what example would you set for them with this constant display of violence? Tell your wife you are not playing her game any more and look for a

civilized way of settling your differences. Violence, when not checked, could rub off on the children. There are definitely other methods of sexual arousal than violence. Give that a try.