November 5, 2015

BAYELSA GOV POLL: Timi Alaibe vows to back Sylva


Timi Alaibe

* Says none of his supporters has left APC for PDP

By Samuel Oyadongha

Yenagoa—Former Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Chief Timi Alaibe, yesterday said no amount of blackmail would stop him and his supporters from backing Chief Timipre Sylva, the All Progressives Congress, APC, candidate for the December 5 governorship election in Bayelsa State.

Alaibe, a leading aspirant for the APC governorship ticket before his withdrawal from the party’s primary, in a statement by Patterson Ogon, spokesman of the Timi Alaibe Support Group, said the decision to back Sylva was not personal but that it was collectively taken in the overall interest of the APC and the people of the state.

Timi Alaibe

Timi Alaibe

He noted that “the charade called ‘defection back to Peoples Democratic Party, PDP,’ orchestrated by one or two of their former members, should be seen as a comic relief,” insisting that “no individual of means who was Chief Timi Alaibe’s supporter has left the APC.”

The statement reads: “In the last few days, the political landscape of Bayelsa State has been characterized by unsavoury developments which ordinarily deserved no serious attention. But for purposes of putting the records straight, the platform upon which our principal, Ndutimi Alaibe, sought the governorship of our dear state deems it necessary to alert the unsuspecting public of the activities of some scavenging opportunists masquerading as political leaders. It might interest the public to know that, from the time of the conceptualization of the governorship ambition by our principal up to the time of his eventful withdrawal from the race, at no time did he display desperation.

“Like others who desired to run on the platform of the APC, Chief Alaibe’s burden was how to extricate the state from the abysmal leadership failure that now holds sway. As individuals, their approaches may have differed even as the routes to the much-expected destination appeared to be diverse. All the same, their individual visions for the state are now a collective bond that they all cherish and guard zealously under the APC. Therefore, the decision taken by our principal to back the candidature of Chief Timipre Sylva for the December 5 governorship election in Bayelsa State was not a personal one. It was a collective decision taken in the overall interest of the APC, his teeming supporters and the people of Bayelsa State.

“Since that historic decision to back the APC, we have witnessed some desperate moves to malign our principal. We have noted with dismay, the shameless attempts to either paint a picture of insincerity on his part or a deliberate effort to deceive the public that Chief Alaibe’s support for Sylva only came after some imaginary negotiations. We understand why. Not only has that singular decision to mobilize Bayelsans for Sylva created panic in the camp of the ruling PDP in the state, it has simply shown that politics is only for principled minds and men of character.”

For our principal, the APC’s vision is one; its mission is also one – the realization of CHANGE for Bayelsans. This, in our collective resolve, is far more important and enviable than any imaginary issue on the part of those who have lost character. In this regard, no amount of blackmail will stop us from realizing this CHANGE through effective mobilization for Sylva.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the charade called ‘defection back to PDP’ orchestrated by one or two of our former members should be seen in the light of a comic relief. No individual of means who was Chief Timi Alaibe’s supporter has since left the APC. We can only sympathize with those who agreed to be dragged on by their selfish and shameless desire for monetary gains and inducements. By their action, they have shown that they are readily available for any purpose.

“We need to state that at no time did the APC have about 2000 authentic delegates, presumed to have defected to the PDP last Saturday. Besides, the delegates to the APC primaries are still executive committee members of the APC at the ward, Local Government, State or National level. To these men of lost integrity, their actions have shown that their pockets are of paramount importance to them than the need to eradicate hunger, insecurity and failed leadership.”