Despite market market competition, smart phone maker, Tecno Mobile has unveiled a number of flagships in Africa.

As a result of innovative devices launched this year by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM Tecno Mobile, it has been a great year for the Africa’s leading mobile phone maker.

Riding on a wave of three successful flagship launched in first, second and third and fourth quarter of this year, analysts say Tecno Mobile may exceed 70 million mobile units in sales across Africa by the end of 2015.

Tecno Mobile targets market in segments


Market segmentation is something that comes from a known consumer behaviour which is need revaluation.

Mobile end users tend to adjust their expectations so that they can better equate the solutions offered (technology) by a new flagship device with the cost they’re comfortable to bear in order to own the device (value).

To find a common ground, mobile users settle for specific features that they want to see in their next smart phone, what this means is that a successful sale will depend on how much value an end user places on features he/ she considers key in a flagship device.

Taking advantage of this trend, Tecno Mobile this year rolled out its maiden flagships optimized primarily for music (as in Tecno BOOM J7) and Camera (Tecno Camon C8). Saving the

best for last, Tecno launched its premium all-purpose (Tecno Phantom5 ) smart phone late September-clearly targeting premium device lovers who could not find their pick from the earlier flagships.

Tecno goes beyond mobile to full mobile entertainment

The truth is our smart phones do a lot more than voice calls, apps and internet surfing these days. As a matter of fact, for millions of city dwellers their smart phones are their sole source of entertainment and news.

Tecno Mobile has latched on to this trend to develop what is now Africa’s largest online entertainment platform, the Boom player. This is an app, which is pre-installed on Tecno flagship devices, and it hosts over 200,000.00 audio, music videos and movies.

Contents on boom player can be downloaded into user’s smart phone or streamed directly online, contents are both free and paid-for.

Tecno goes ultra-power on all flagships

Most mobile users probably do not remember how portable power banks came about-TECNO gave away free power banks at the launch of its premium device Tecno Phantom A+ in 2013.

From then on, power banks grew in popularity and usage but Tecno Mobile was aiming for something better. To give end users extended talk time, the OEM giant has launched built-in power saving technology in all of its later flagships, no need for power banks folks!

Tecno Phantoms as award winners

Every TECNO Phantom product released is a craft of excellence in mobile engineering. A quick check on the track record of this premium line from TECNO Mobile will give you nominations for awards and actual awards won in categories such as innovative design, audio technology, user friendliness, camera ability etc., these awards won are top global and sometimes continental awards!

Tecno Phantom smart phones have bagged three (3) international awards. “Smart phone of Year 2015” was awarded to new Tecno Phantom Z in Ghana, the second time in a row it was given to a Phantom smart phone. At the international stage, the International Quality crown award 2014 hosted in London, handed Tecno Mobile ‘Quality crown award’- the gold category. The award was based on the performance of the Phantom Z and Phantom Z mini.

Tecno Phantom5 has received four (4) international award nominations since its launch on 16th September 2015

Tecno Phantom 5 is the first, truly HiFi smart phone in the market.

This is where even top OEM vendors fall short. But the fantasy by mobile users for nature surround audio which only a High fidelity (Hifi) speaker system can deliver has been made a reality in Tecno Phantom 5.

Thanks to state-of-the-art audio technology from DOLBYTM Tecno Phantom 5, that delivers sounds with minimal distortion whether from the audio jack (for headsets and car stereos) or external phone speakers.

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