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Buhari talking tough on corruption; motion, no movement

The above topic was discussed in this column, here are some of the reactions from Nigerians:

By Omoh Gabriel

AYOBAMIBA wrote and saidIf Buhari is keen and sincere about fighting corruption, he should stop this unnecessary media hype of motion without movement and develop a solid anti corruption framework and bill and send it to the NASS on the brutal war against corruption. To me what APC and Buhari had been doing is akin to what I will call fondling and romancing corruption. APC and Buhari are rather in my opinion fondling and romancing corruption, praising and exalting corruption instead of engaging it in a brutal war.


I am angling to see buhari send to NASS a law that shall establish a new anti corruption body that will be peopled by highly intelligent Nigerians like Kangiwa Umar, Nuhu Ribadu, Olisa Agbakoba, Mike Ozekome, Yakassi, Peter Obi, Oby Ezekwesili, Bishop Kuka, Olubumi Okogie, Tunde Bakare, Shiek Gumi etc and recruit highly intelligent Nigerians with a handsome pay package and a new specialised anti corruption court that will consist of the best brains and men of integrity of our judiciary;

and if need be we import incorruptible foreign technical advisers to form the anti corruption courts who must be insulated from our rotten judiciary.

No corruption case should ever last more than 18 months and once a prima facie charge has been established against any corrupt person and so charged, there should be no bail till the final judgment is given. The appeal should go straight to a special anti corruption supreme court where the maximum time frame for every case must not be more than 3 months.

Finally there should be another highly intelligent and specialised anti corruption police to monitor the new anti corruption body and the anti corruption courts to ensure that the slightest mistake is severely punished. Let whistle blowing be encouraged with mouth watering rewards and let the new anti corruption body and its special courts be completely independent and be appointed by the NJC and let them have authority to try even the President or governors once genuine petition is written against them.

Death penalty shall be the ultimate punishment for a convicted corrupt person and forfeiture of every property of the convicted corrupt person whether it is  proceed of the case or not. If Buhari have guts, let him take this path and see if corruption shall not fly away from our nation.

Enough of this propaganda by APC, let the recovery begin now for time is ticking fast and Buhari has no where to hide for his incompetence, lack of direction, blackmail and malicious propaganda. This man is just being sustained through high level propaganda and corruption induced media hype.

ATSENOKAI said: “We should stop fighting ourselves here and pray for PMB to win the war against corruption and be filled with divine wisdom to know the major things to do to move this nation forward.

GASTRONOMIE said:  “Nigeria is cosmetic made. Nothing can work out in this kind of arrangement. So spare me this pray for rhetorics. Nigerians have been dreaming over 50 years, no result yet because Nigeria is not a nation but just mere geographical expression.

BATHO wrote: “I wish to thank this writer for entertaining me today. I just cannot stop laughing at some Nigerians. You listed everything the President should do to move Nigeria forward but forgot that the man does not even have a cabinet. You should walk before you run. Civil servants only implement policies of the government. These policies are formulated by the President and his cabinet.

Now, what you currently have in Nigeria is just a one man show. You people should be pressing the man to form his cabinet. Then you can put the feet of those ministers to the fire and make them work, unless you believe in the power of “body language”.

ORUNMILA said: “When Buhari started the war from within his party members, miscreants PDP are shouting like monkeys. PDP crying more than the bereaved, because they know the hammer will fall on all of them soon. He is arresting and charging thieves to court, but they are condemning his action. How do you please these hopeless PDP supporters who are still mourning their monumental loss.

Martino JayGeeX

One thing I noticed about APC apologists is their media and body language hatred for PDP. But have you noticed that APC loves to poach members from PDP regularly to the point now that ex-PDP makes up about 70 per cent of their politicians. If the PDP is so bad as being alleged and portrayed by the APC, why hold elaborate welcome rallies for only ex-PDP members?

They never do when receiving ex-APGA, ex-AD, ex-XXX members. I can conclude that PDP produces good materials. PDP is, then, the bomb. I need to go register with them; they are good politicians.

BARON SAMEDI MARTINO said: “You are right. APC is a party of disgruntled elements who left the PDP out of frustrated high ambitions. The remaining members of the PDP are the true honest Nigerian politicians. The rest, those who left, are the followers of OBJ , the chimp of Otta who also doubles as the greatest thief in Nigeria.


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