By Emma Ujah,
Abuja Bureau Chief

The life of opulence of state governors in Nigeria has no bearing, whatsoever, with their legitimate earnings, based on the approved ‘Remuneration Package for Political, Public and Judicial Office Holders’ prepared by the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission  (RMAFC) which became effective since July 1, 2009.

Based on the package, a state governor earns  annual salary of N11, 540,896.

N 2, 223,705  is annual basic salary; and an annual leave allowance of N222,370.50. Based on that 2009 approved earning, the governor is entitled to 400 per cent of his annual basic salary, amounting to  8,894,820.00, as loan for vehicles and  maintenance.

BUHARI MEETS APC GOVS/GOVS-ELECT—Front row from left: Govs Tanko Al-Makura (Nasarawa); AbdulFattah Ahmed (Kwara); Abdullahi Umaru Ganduje (Kano); National Chairman APC; Chief John Odigie Oyegun; Vice President-elect, Prof Yemi Osinbajo; President-Elect; Gen. Muhammadu Buhari; Gov. Rochas Okorocha (Imo); Speaker and Sokoto Governor Elect, Aminu Tambuwal; Kebbi Governor-Elect Senator Abubakar Bagaudu Atiku and Deputy Governor-Elect, Ngeri. Back row: Governor Kashim Shettima (Borno); Muhammad Bundow Jubrilla (Adamawa); Kaduna State Governor-Elect, Nasir El-Rufai; Governor Rauf Aregbesola (Osun); Governor Mohammad Abubakar (Bauchi); Plateau State Governor-Elect, Simon Lalong and former Governor of Ekiti State Dr. Kayode Fayemi when the President-Elect met APC governors and governors-elect, yesterday in Abuja to kick-start the new government as May 29 hand-over date approaches. Photo: Sunday Aghaeze.

Governors usually go about with long convoys of four-wheel vehicles, SUVs and other luxury cars. The entire N8.9 vehicle loan cannot buy some of the cars in the convoy.

Accommodation, furniture are provided by the state government.

The RMAFC package, meanwhile, does not set a limit to the amount of estacode (allowance in foreign currencies for foreign trips) governors can take from state coffers.   It also fails to specify the amount to be collected as Duty Tour allowance for local trips.

The provisions of the regulations simply said that estacode and Duty Tour Allowance would be provided upon request by governors. The states also bear the medical expenses of governors.

Any governor who successfully completes his tenure receives  N6,671,115 severance gratuity.

A deputy governor receives annual salary of N10, 772, 296

This is made up of annual basic salary of N2,112,215;  a vehicle loan of 8,448,860; and  annual leave allowance of N 211,221.50. His accommodation and furniture are provided by the state government.

Similarly, the state pays his medical bills, while, just like the governor, there is no limit to the amount of foreign currencies he is to receive when embarking on foreign trips, nor limit to what he can spend on local tours.

Each Secretary to State Government and Commissioner receives an salary of N10, 831, 522.

This is made up of annual basic salary of N  1,337,225; N4,011,675 for furniture; N133,722.50 leave allowance; and N 5,348,900 vehicle loan.

They receive a separate severance gratuity of N 4,011,675; $ 600 and N 25, 000 per night for foreign and local trips, respectively.

Chairmen of State Civil Service Commission, state Judicial Service Commission, Local Government Service Commission, State Independent Electoral Commission, Chairmen, and Chief of Staff to Governor  receive similar pay.

The accommodation of these public officers vary between 50 per cent , 60 per cent and 120 per cent of their annual basic salaries, depending on location of city or town.

Local Government Chairmen, on their own, receive a total of N5,994,659. This consists of annual basic salary of N 908,312; N1,362, 468 for furniture ( once in four years); 90,831.20 as leave  allowance and 3,633,248  vehicle loan. They receive severance gratuity of N2,724,936 at the end of a successful tenure.

The Vice Chairmen receive a total of N5, 630, 169.60. This consists of N 853,056  annual basic salary; N1,279, 584 furniture allowance; vehicle loan of N3,412,224; and leave allowance of N85,305.60.

They receive a separate N2,559,168.00 as severance gratuity after a successful tenure.

Local Government Councilors’ and Local Government Secretaries’ receive a regular annual pay of N 5, 341, 380. This is made up of annual basic salaries of N 809,300; furniture allowance, N 1, 213, 950; leave allowance, N80,930; and vehicle loan N3,237,200. They receive additional N2, 427, 900 gratuity at the end of a successful tenure.

Governors annual salary:        

N11, 540,896.00  : N 2, 223,705.00 is Annual Basic Salary,   Annual Leave Allowance  of N 222,370.50.   He is entitled to 400 per cent of

Annual Basic Salary, amounting to  8,894,820.00 as loan for vehicles and maintenance.

Deputy governors:

N10, 772, 296.00

Made up of an Annual Basic Salary

of N2,112,215.00

Vehicle Loan of 8,448,860.00

Annual Leave Allowance of N 211,221.50

Secretary to State Government and Commissioner:

Receive   salary of N10, 831, 522.00.

Annual Basic Salary of N  1,337,225.00; N4,011,675.00

Furniture; N 133,722.50 Leave Allowance ; and N 5,348,900.00 vehicle loan.

They receive a separate severance gratuity of N 4,011,675.00 as well as $ 600 and N 25, 000 per night for foreign and local trips.

Local Government Chairmen:

Receive a total of N5,994,659.

Annual Basic Salary of N 908,312.00

N 1, 362, 468 for furniture ( once in four years)

90,831.20 as Leave Allowance; 3,633,248.00 vehicle loan

Severance gratuity of N2,724,936.00

Vice Chairmen:

Receive a total of N5, 630, 169.60

N 853,056.00 Annual Basic Salary;

N1,279, 584.00 furniture allowance

vehicle loan of N3,412,224.00

Leave allowance of N85,305.60



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