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Jimi Disu tells Channels, AIT what to present to Buhari

•Alerts Ambode on preachers, wants governors to emulate el Rufai


National affairs commentator, Jimi Disi was on Classic  FM for his usual Front Page News analysis, a review of newspaper stories and said the following on Wednesday, June 24 edition:

On President Muhammadu Buhari sending a notice to treasury looters in the Goodluck Jonathan administration. He said “We might have to use some outrageous means to get the money back. I don’t think we need to go that path where the looters will be dragging us in and out of court for the next five years. There is a serious abuse of court process in this country over time. And most people who commit these atrocities understand this factor in the Nigeria court. I am sure that part of the visit of the President abroad like the G7 meeting and the rest was to find other ways to get these people. The money in question is a huge sum of money. The amount can topple a government. Getting this money could mean extra means, not violence but it has to be a tough one for them. The world is tired of corruption. People have come to realise that a lot of these corrupt practices lead forms of terrorism. People are tired of one man having billions of stolen funds in his custody. What might likely happen is for them to be approached quietly. Put together, these people are almost richer than the nation. Remember, President Muhammadu Buhari was the Head of state when Umaru Dikko was put in a crate. I will be happy if will get the money back”.

Empty treasury claim

Jimi Disu
Jimi Disu

A former Deputy Chairman of the National Planning Commission (NPC) Dr. Abubakar Olanrewaju Sulaiman, has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari did not give the accurate account by claiming that he inherited an ‘empty treasury’ from the immediate past administration. Jimi reacted this way: “This is not the time for things like this. The country has an Accountant General and an Audit General. May be the Buhari led administration should let the Accountant General or the Audit General and CBN issue a statement on the state of our finances. These are officials and not politicians. May be this is the time for Buhari to demand a statement explaining the state of the country’s finances since the country does not have a Minister of finance yet. But while Buhari is going after those who have stolen these funds, the people that he also needs to put on lock are the civil servants who assisted them. They should be punished severely to set an example.

APC senatorial fight

An argument between two APC senators, Kabiru Marafa and Tayo Alasoadura degenerated into a physical combat on Tuesday over who should emerge as Senate Majority Leader, his deputy, Senate Whip and his deputy.

“It is business as usual as it had happened before. These are parents who could be called upon by school Principals over a child’s involvement in a fight. I have never heard of this in United Kingdom. It is not done any where.”

Ramadan feeding

Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir el-Rufai on Tuesday said his decision to stop feeding people during the annual Ramadan was because the practice has become another means for corruption. “It has been a tradition for government to feed or claim to feed members of the public during Ramadan and El Rufia says he is not going to have any thing like that because the state is broke and he needs funds to serve the people better. He also feels that the food ends up in the belly of the rich. I also think the governor will not be sending any body to Mecca or Jerusalem, and now is the time to call on some states to stop all these. In a situation where some states cannot pay salaries, lack funds for capital projects, it does not make sense to be sponsoring religious trips. Governor El Rufia has set a good example and other states should follow suit including Lagos state. I like to call on the governor to please save us from the hands of 5 am preachers. Now in the four corners of the walls of my house, four preachers with megaphones as early as 4:45am. This is noise pollution, they are not better Christians than I am. If they love their neighbour as they love themselves, they won’t be waking me up as early as 5am. Funny enough, most of them don’t live in that neighborhood. They come for another area to disturb one’s peace.

On Apapa gridlock

The Executive Secretary of Apapa Local Government, Mrs Cecilia   Dada, yesterday, told stakeholders’ that unless prompt attention and lasting solution is found to the incessant traffic gridlock in Apapa, life will continue to be unbearable for all. Disu reacted to the news this way: “It is (Apapa gridlock) terrible and a national disgrace. It is difficult to describe and I wonder how this will be going on where you have people in authority. I experienced this jam for the first time last week. It took me four hours and I couldn’t get to where I was going to. One whole side of the express road has been blocked. I don’t know how Vanguard staff get to work. I ended up not going anywhere. Later, I had to hire a tout to take me on the wrong side of the road . Somebody has to do something about it. I don’t know how business can be transacted in that area. My cousin keeps calling me every day. He cannot bring his car out of his house. I want to challenge Channels , African Independent Television AIT and the rest to do a documentary as they did on the Police college and show it to President Buhari. You can’t see the effect with pictures. Apapa road is a mess. I wish I could give a vivid description of my experience. The Lagos state governor should ask governor of Osun state, Mr Aregbesola to loan him his helicopter to see the place.

University vis a vis technical education

It is not everybody that is cut out for university education. We should have more technical schools where skills will be enhanced. What is the point of getting an MBA and ending up in fashion school to be a designer? We need a kind of educational system that allows people develop themselves according to their talents.


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