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Ending in an anti-climax

By Sunny Ikhioya

THE events that have taken place since the outcome of the 2015 presidential election opened us to new revelations, a sort of an eye opener to the reality of the type of people we have allowed to govern us these past sixteen years. In the last one month, the nation has been in stasis, no, in recess. The consequences of the electoral outcome have revealed to us that the PDP as a party was founded on nothing, governed on nothing and is leaving a legacy of nothing to write about.


For those who have wished for President Goodluck Jonathan to continue and have expressed our views forcefully in the public domain, the apocalypse is too heavy to comprehend. Elections are no do or die affair.

If you lose, there is always another time as long as you hold on to your principles and be consistent in providing a viable alternative to what the incumbent government has to offer. That is what the APC had done and now that they are coming into power, it is expected that the other party will begin to give them a dose of their own medicine but what do we have?

A band of unprincipled, predatory, selfish and unpatriotic human beings, people whom we have looked up to these past sixteen years as leaders in our political space, people whom others have taken as role models, have all turned out to be hustlers, and neo capitalist traitors who do not care if the nation goes down or not as long as their selfish interests are served.

These are the people who have helped President Jonathan govern this country these past six years and because he would no longer be there, it is now ‘to your tent everyone’.

They are now massively drifting towards the incoming APC government, trying to be strategically positioned to continue from where they branched of from the Jonathan administration. It is better for the PDP to die and another party resurrects from its ashes than for these left-over to continue. Even in defeat, the party is still imploding and there is competition amongst the remnants to bring the party to its knees.

This will make the nation witness one of the most acrimonious and depressing civilian hand-over in our history. What we have witnessed this past month is nothing but sabotage, people have eyes but cannot see and ears and cannot hear, that is the situation we have found ourselves. How does one explain the halt of governance? A government that has seen the least disruption in the history of fuel supply since 1999, suddenly found itself in serious fuel crisis at the twilight of its departure.

No fuel, no transport. Therefore no means of conveying workers to their place of place. Companies are shutting down operations and flights cancellations, the outgoing government and the fuel marketers cannot come to an agreement on the actual amount that is been owed them, meanwhile, the people are suffering.

The PHCN has been handed over to private companies in the past two years and presently, there is power blackout all over. It’s complainants all the way as businesses are shutting down, the people are suffering and nobody cares. The disagreement between the outgoing government and the incoming APC over handing over procedures also added its toll in the dying days of this administration. Why should procedure for handle over be so difficult to agree on?

It is becoming again like the NNPC account which is still under dispute till today. This is not how it should be, Jonathan has set the tone by conceding victory, and every other process should have followed that pattern. Unfortunately, we have a retinue of betrayers and carpet crossers who want to ingratiate themselves, they will not leave quietly but will want to make statements to make them look good in the eyes of the APC team. These are the ones overheating the system and the APC must be careful of such individuals.

The APC on its part has not been magnanimous in the way it has handled its victory. Its officials are carried away with the euphoria of victory and have become so arrogant issuing unnecessary threats, which have forced the petroleum marketers to take the action that has plunged the nation into an unnecessary fuel crisis. They should have waited for the handling over to be completed before taking any action they deem necessary, including, of course, holding all those responsible for the mess accountable.

We also noticed that there has been a preponderance of agitation and confusion in those states where the APC lost the election. For example, why did the Rivers state outgoing government refuse to set up a transition committee for the smooth transfer of power to the incoming government? At least until the courts decide otherwise, the status quo regarding the elections must be maintained.

With this state of affairs presently, the whole process of transition that would have been smooth, brotherly and exciting for us all will now become an anti climax. It is also clear that the Jonathan administration had been resting on faulty foundations all these while and it leaves a very sour taste as we witness the transition to a new government.

Because a new government is coming in does not mean that governance must stop like it did in the past weeks. We should never allow the re-occurence of this type of situation as it does not augur well for our nation.



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