Counsel Corner

May 6, 2015

Diaspora Nigerians lament brutality and killings

By Vera Samuel Anyagafu
THE search for greener pastures and perhaps, sound education, has seen many Nigerians travelling abroad even at their peril. It is sad to know that many Nigerians in the diaspora are being brutally murdered and maltreated and at the same time deprived of their earnings as was the case in the South African xenophobic attacks, where a good number of Nigerians’ shops were looted.

However, an ongoing investigation into the many killings of Nigerians in different countries of residence abroad has revealed that Nigerians are dissatisfied with the alarming reports of the increasing deaths of fellow countrymen abroad, to which many have lamented poor display of diplomatic responsibility.

Speaking on the worrisome issue, a concerned Nigerian, Mr. Lawrence, said that living abroad has become dangerous. He noted, “There is no law in any country that entitles the citizen of any other country to subvert the right of any Nigerian or even kill any Nigerian unless such death is judicially procured, hence we need a drastic step from responsible Nigerian authorities to stop such needless killings of Nigerian in different countries of abode abroad.”

He urged the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chairman, House Committees on Diaspora and justice and human rights to map out strategies that will ensure that Nigerians in Diaspora are properly monitored to avoid many cases of killings and maltreatment adding that Nigerians should stop leaving their home country to turn slaves abroad.

A source, however, said he was disturbed that in Malaysia, many Nigerians are currently in danger and according to reports, there is no help in sight coming from officials of the Nigerian embassy in the country. Providing further notes, the source, a merchant in Malaysia, who simply identified himself as Samson, said the situation many Nigerian find themselves is not worth reporting as it will further expose the inefficiency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other responsible Nigerian authorities.

His words, “I am still disturbed that a few days back Nigerians were being killed in South Africa, and then comes the execution of about four Nigerians in Indonesia, living many more on the waiting list and some dying in mysterious ways.”

Samson also expressed the need to mandate the House Committees on Diaspora, Human Rights, Justice and Foreign Affairs, to act quickly on the incessant cases of maltreatment of Nigerians abroad and ensure that Nigerians serving jail terms in various countries are visited and their cases reviewed for proper hearing.

This he said, will go a long way to assuring Nigerians in bad situations abroad that the government and the missions have their interest at heart and are willing to protect their rights abroad.