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Cleric decries environmental degradation in Nigeria

By Chidi Nkwopara

OWERRI — The Anglican Bishop of Okigwe South Diocese, Rt. Rev. David O.C. Onuoha, has decried the way Nigerians take interest in carelessly destroying the environment.

Bishop Onuoha, who expressed his lamentation while addressing participants at this year’s Diocesan Synod, also opined that indiscriminate bush burning, felling of trees without replanting, as well as killing of wild animals in the name of games, adversely affected the nation’s environment.

“The radiation being emitted daily, as well as carbon monoxide being released by users of generators, machines and automobiles, contribute to environmental pollution,” Bishop Onuoha said.

While noting that through careless dumping of toxic wastes and oil spillage the nation’s environment were no longer habitable.

He also lamented that rivers were often polluted and aquatic life poisoned.

“We have no other planet to relocate to if we’d amaze this one. Many of our gutters are dirty and smelly.

‘’We should learn the discipline of keeping our environment clean, both our homes, food, water, toilets, church compounds, offices and roads,” he pleaded.
The cleric lamented that the markets where Nigerians buy their food needs were like refuse dumps and breeding ground for flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches.

He said: “The war against malaria and cholera has become has become difficult to win because of our dirty habits.

Most people still eat and dump waste materials and urinate and even defecate anywhere they see.”
He then reminded Nigerians that God made them stewards of the environment and would require outright account on the day of reckoning.


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