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Al- Makura govt beyond May 28, an illegality – Maku …hands over gov to court of God


ABUJA – The former Minister of Information and Governorship Candidate in the just concluded general election, Mr Labaran Maku, yesterday, said it was totally wrong for Governor Tanko Al-makura of Nasarawa State to keep claiming victory at the April 11 governorship poll in the state, therefore, he should leave as his tenure ends 28 May.

Mr Labaran Maku, Communications Minister
Mr Labaran Maku

He warned against the swearing-in of the incumbent Governor on May 29 for another term in office, saying his staying beyond May 28 would amount to illegality. The former unionist revealed that the governor’s insistence to hold up to stolen mandate brews insecurity that had claimed about 70 lives in post election violence in the state.

Maku who stated this in a press conference in Abuja, said that as far as the people of Nasarawa State and God were concerned, Governor Al-Makura’s tenure expires at midnight Thursday, 28 May, 2015, because he did not win the April 11 governorship election.

According to him, if he had lost the governorship election, he would have gone to government house to congratulate Governor Al-Makura, just to honour his long standing democratic tenet and principles, but since he did not lost, there was no need for him to congratulate the governor.

Maku said, “Governor Tanko Al-Makura’s  tenures expires in the heart of the people who did not vote for him, and in the eyes of God almighty, who deserves and make changes at his own time. So, anything from midnight 28 May, cross on to 29 May, 2015, Tanko Al-Makura will be occupying the government seat illegally if he goes there.

“I hope that he would hear the clarion call of God and not step into that office on the 29 May, because he did not win the election. As far as the people of Nasarawa State and the voting that took place that day are concerned, and far as God almighty who presides over the affairs of man is concerned, the tenure of Governor Tanko Al-makura ceases on the 28 May, 2015.

Umaru Al-Makura
Umaru Al-Makura

“In 2011, Governor Al-Makura contested and defeated an incumbent governor who had more resources than him, and he left office peacefully in respect to the aspirations of the people. President Goodluck Jonathan has vacated office of the presidency just to respect the wishes of the people. Why is it that in Nasarawa state, people are still existing in stolen tenure and mandate?” he inquired.

Maku further said that the idea that incumbent government will hold on to power by using the instrumentality of office to rig themselves and steal the people’s mandate is unacceptable and should not be encouraged in any way.

“Governor Tanko Al-Makura should respect his conscience and the will of the people, and fear God by ensuring that he does not get sworn-in on May 29, because he did not win the election. He should clearly say so, because it is the popular wishes of the people that his tenure ends on May 28 and they change that they need should take over.

“It was obvious that I won the April 11 governorship election, because during my campaign, everywhere I went the people were definitely tired and wanted change, and nine out of the 13 local government areas, there were evidence of destruction that has existed for the past four years.
“The people wanted change, they were tired of the violence and insurgency, and everywhere I went, there were records of people been killed silently either in their farms or on the way to the market.  So, as I am talking to you now, this killings have continued, even since after the election. Before the election, the scenario in Nasarawa State was such that people were looking for who will bring peace back to the state and my campaign was on the platform of peace, unity, development and recovery from the violence.

“I gave the state a clear direction and so when voting started, there was no surprise that even in the three senatorial zones the people massively voted for us. Therefore, at the collation centres where the results were changed, everybody is in a state of mourning. Nobody has raised a flag that they won an election, in fact, they were adviced to stay indoors, because of the contrary results,” he said.


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