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I’ve not told anybody that I’m going to remove Jega—Jonathan

Below are some of the words of president Goodluck Jonathan at the ongoing Media Chat.

“There is no hiding place for Boko Haram again”
“I had meetings with the President of Chad and he said before he can send troops the AU have to be involved”

“I’ve not told anybody that I’m going to remove Jega”
“INEC is an independent body but if INEC does not conduct the elections well it is on my head”
“Nobody will go to war. Nigeria will remain Nigeria”

“I attend Muslim programmes like youth programmes”
“Nobody is saying Boko Haram must be wiped out completely before they conduct elections”
“I don’t see why we continue to doubt that elections will hold. Elections will hold!”

“A thief should be called a thief. Ole should be called ole! If you say somebody is corrupt people don’t know what you mean”
“A thief is a thief. Don’t use the word corruption to cover stealing. Call the person a thief”
“The word corruption we have abused it and it’s not making so much sense. I did not say stealing is not corruption”

“It’s not actually my quotation. I quoted the Chief Justice of Nigeria”

‘If the elections are conducted and I lose, the new president will be sworn in’

“If the elections are conducted and I lose of course we will inaugurate a new govt”

“Let me reassure Nigerians that elections will be conducted in this country and a govt will be inaugurated on May 29th”


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