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Curvy rebel

There’s nothing worse than dreading the idea of getting dressed. So you have curves, and you’ve been told some outfits are off limits for you, right? Wrong! Time to break the rules!


Contrary to popular belief, you can wear prints.

Omawunmi-2There is this idea that curvy women should only wear black, but a great print can also be very flattering. It’s all about choosing the right silhouette first, and looking out for a pattern that has a flattering placement. If you’re going to do a full matching printed suit, for example, a slimmer pant and tailored jacket works really well. You don’t want to be lost in a sea of print, so a voluminous printed caftan won’t do you any favors. If the idea of head-to-toe prints is still daunting, then why not try a fun tailored jacket and keep your basic blacks underneath?


Ayana-AjibolaA woman who owns her body would definitely be sexy. Flowy tops and dresses are not flattering on a curvy figure. They can make you look pregnant and they look sloppy in photos. Rather than dress in flowy things all the time, try a cleverly fitted maxi. On the whole, anything you wear should be proportioned to your body, and a good tailor will make sure everything fits perfectly. Take it to the tailor before wearing anything. Shortening a hem line on a dress can make a huge difference.


Being curvy does not warrant covering everything up. On the contrary, the exact opposite is true. Rather, draw attention to parts of your body you consider particularly sexy or have got you compliments in the past. Show off the tiny waist with a cropped top; sexy legs with a mini or a slit and that divine décolletage.


Beautiful lingerie is great when you’re going for that seductive moment, but you can see it underneath a T-shirt or blouse. Keep it superclean and simple underneath so you are not tugging at things. Every woman should have a spanx. You start with a good foundation and go from there.


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