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Travel Light!


I present to you two stories: fictional and real respectively. In a movie, a man was carrying a secret that, if he told it, would free another man from jail where he was serving a life sentence for a crime he did not commit. However, if he reveals the secret he would be indicted because there were warrants for his arrest. He asked why he should opt to show himself and put himself in danger in order to set another man free who meant nothing to him. The lawyer who was prompting him to be truthful said, “Because if you tell the truth, you can unburden yourself, and it will be one less heavy load you will have to carry through life.”

Once upon a time, there lived a woman who was abused by her father in her childhood. Life was not fair to her. She grew into adulthood with the burden of shame and confusion; all the time thinking it was her fault. Because of the abuse she did not trust men. However, she would do anything just to win their approval. She carried along with her the emotional baggage of bitterness and anger.

The woman’s heart was filled with hatred for her father and at the very thought of him she became bitter and angry and did not speak to her father. She heard a sermon about forgiveness and decided to act on it.

She traveled to another city and found her father. She said, “Dad, I’ve hated you every day of my life, but I can’t live with that poison in me anymore. I’m not allowing you to mess up my life. I’m forgiving you for everything you’ve done.” She confessed that when she walked away from her father that day, it was like she’d been released from prison.

Prior to her forgiving her father she had jumped in and out of relationships, and failed at several jobs. However, ten years after forgiving her father she is happily married with three beautiful children. She owns her own business and she is very successful. Her forward motion on the success journey began when she decided to drop all the emotional baggage that weighed her down and kept her stagnated and chose to travel light on life’s journey. John Mason rightly states, “How much more grievous are the consequences of unforgiveness than the causes of it.”

When we live with grudges in our hearts; we live with crutches in our lives. When you persist on holding onto past hurts you perpetuate the past and contaminate your future. “People need loving most when they deserve it least” reveals John Mason.

To get a successful finish in life’s journey, you must travel light. When you are faced with unexpected challenges are you mad at the world? Or are you mild with the world?

The turbulence of life are the raw materials Life uses to mould your character. The turbulence of life is not designed to tarnish your destiny but rather to garnish your destiny. Adversity sets you up to advance in life. On the other side of adversity lies an advantage. The storms of life are not meant to stop you but are there to make you soar. On the other side of life’s test lies testimony. Trials pave the way for triumph. Therefore, never allow yourself to get discouraged rather brace-up with courage and fight the battle of life to win.

Travelling light entails getting rid of the trivialities of life. A critical spirit leads to mental clutter that distorts your outlook in life. Until you mind your business you can never be the cynosure of all eyes. If you are petty your life can’t be pretty. A critical spirit, a backbiter, a gossip and a dispenser of discord are the trade-mark of small-minded people. And nobody wants to buy such junk. Mind your business; run your race. Unless you learn to run your race; you get rut in the race.

Life is like a mirror; it reflects your thoughts, words and deeds. Bad-mouthing people only makes your life stink. Ruining someone’s reputation only repels success out of your destiny. When you talk-down on someone Life will never take you up. We cannot agree with everybody, neither can we associate with everybody. However, we must learn to respect and accept our differences before we can ever make a difference in the world. When you write people off, life writes you out of the success parade.

Turn-off condemnation, turn-on compassion; Turn-off criticism, turn-on compliments; Turn-off judgment, turn-on understanding. This can only be accomplished if we look at ourselves, people and the world with the eyes of love.

When you are clothed with unconditional love for all people, you finish strong and great. Travel light!


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