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Maybe Tomorrow tackles societal ills in the society

By Japhet Alakam & Chris Onuoha

Artists are known all over the world for using anything around them to address some of the problems in the society, since they have no power to fight and always draw their sword in the theatre and this was what young Ibukun Fasunhan did with his new play titled Maybe Tomorrow, which was presented last week at the nations culture home, Terra Kulture, Lagos.

The atmosphere was clement and auditorium designed to suit the play and as expected the place came alive again as theatre lovers from all walks of life trooped to the venue to have a glimpse of what the play offers.

Maybe-2morrow-pixThe play written by Soji Cole, directed by Ibukun Fasunhan and produced by Eclectique Theatre; a production outfit, aimed towards creative approaches to stage plays highlights the issues currently facing the Nigerian society, and how best to resolve it. It takes the audience through several satirical and comic moods with creative directing and acting styles, which vitalizes theatrical experience. The play also discusses various issues facing the Niger Delta, and the issue of complacency on the part of the Niger deltan youths, and exploitation of the masses. The play is apt for this period due to some issues of bad leadership it highlights in the play.

It featured two of the best stage actors in Nigeria; Kenneth Uphopho (Director of Saro the Musical 2), and Patrick Diabuah (Laitan of Saro the Musical 2). The play is centered around two characters Kenule Ododo (Patrick Diabuah), and Adolphus Wariboko (Kenneth Uphopho). The play also features Samuel Animashaun and Ossai Franklin as Policemen. The highly suspenseful; high paced drama that speaks about the past, present and future presented the audience some of the sharp reasons required to effect a change in the society.

The story line hinges on the show of authority, coercion, law defiance and seemingly cold understanding of the meeting of two long lost friends who had fought side by side during the civil war. Ordinarily, the police interrogation room is surely not the best of venues for such an encounter, especially when one is the suspect and the other is the chief interrogating officer. This was the playwright brought to bear in the play and with a mixture of the elements of theatre production , he was able to give the audience much needed entertainment they asked for.

Speaking about the play, Ibukun Faseun, the director of the stage play said that he feels fulfilled on the entire outcome of the show, from the quality of the production to the positive reaction from the audience. “Judging from the issue of the moment, election period coupled with the security and insurgency, I felt I need to put something that will be appealing which the society will appreciate, different from the usual comedy and comic drama they are used to. This is something different that leaves them without their thinking caps on and I am happy that it is successful.”

Also speaking about the play, one of the fans said, “Being a ‘silent’ activist, “Maybe Tomorrow”, is a play that I have always admired since the playwright gave it to me to read four years ago and hoping it is sharp enough to effect a change in the society. I was inspired to choose this play, based on the several unrest facing the country, and the fact that stage producers for the past years, have filled the stage with comic plays, instead of addressing some basic issues in the society. As such, being the first play I would be producing, I see it as a matter of necessity to contribute my own quota to addressing these issues by staging ‘Maybe Tommorrow’, which leaves the audience with their thinking caps on



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