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John Kerry’s Insult, Joke

THE United States of America is never short of arrogance in its relations with Nigeria. The threat of its Secretary of State, John Kerry that sponsors of election-related violence would be denied American visa, was not a joke, but some in the audience applauded. It is either the United States has elevated the importance of its visa to such heights that mention of its denial amounts to a death sentence, or it was another opportunity to declare its unwillingness to help Nigeria fight the violence that has been ravaging the country, especially the North East.

What is so important about an American visa that thought of its denial would deter violent minds? What has it done about the violence in the North East, which is worse than any violence that the country has faced, apart from a civil war? Or it does not know those involved? Did the US not refuse sale of military equipment to Nigeria to combat the terrorists in the North East? Did the US not, in addition, ask other countries not to sell military equipment to Nigeria? When did the US start being concerned about violence in Nigeria? How does the US think that visa denials would deter the criminals involved in the North East, who have been increasing their attacks as the elections approach?

What makes the US think sponsors of election violence are interested in visiting America? What does a visit to the US provide that many other countries cannot?

The arrogance of the US is sustained by the nauseating fixation of our officials with America. As we have noted so many times, America is not interested in assisting Nigeria in managing her challenges. All America wants is protection of its investments through semblances of democratic governments that will make bare changes that would restrain thousands of Nigerians migrating to America, in search of a non-existent better life.
How can a country as economically and militarily unfriendly as America be concerned about Nigeria’s well-being? Nigerians should know that our country is among those the US does not want to develop.

America’s suggestion for ending violence is a huge joke. Prescription of visa denial as “punishment” for violence is an affront to those who have suffered waves of violence that have been sweeping different parts of the country.

While Nigerians want decisive action to end the violence and possible prosecution of the criminals and their sponsors, America refuses sale of military equipment. Kerry added the insult that assistance to Nigeria against Boko Haram would depend on peaceful and credible elections. Is Boko Haram fight over credibility of our elections? Nigerians should know by now that America is not a friend.


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