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Inside Gen Buhari’s mind

By Clem Aguiyi

Buhari is a man of integrity when compared to the very worst of us that were like him our past leaders.

I also believe in his strong stand against indiscipline and corruption which is our bane, hence his promise to knock common sense into the animals called politicians in Nigeria resonates well with me even though I don’t know how he is going to accomplish this without acting out Hitler.

GMB’s personal attributes and military experience could be helpful in resolving some of our national challenges but there is more to politics than those attributes of integrity and good intention especially in providing constitutional leadership in the 21st century. His rigidity and parochial vision diminishes his positives.

buhariAdmitting the truth even when it hurts and respect for constitutionalism is as important, if not more important than personal integrity The law as it stands today expects that any one running for the office of the President must possess a minimum of secondary school certificate. That is WASC/ WAEC/ GCE, not NEPA bill receipt, school fees receipt, letter of attestation from principal or group photographs.

GMB had all the time and opportunity to fix his poor academic records by simply attempting WAEC even last year, I am upset and disappointed that he didn’t.

He must be able to admit that he doesn’t have the minimum qualification to contest for president even though he had contested and lost thrice without this being an issue.

He should be able to tell his supporters that though I want to serve you but the law disqualifies me and we can’t have two sets of moralities in this country, I therefore disqualify myself.

GMB at 73 can only be as healthy as a 73-year-old man. He knew in his heart that he is not physically and medically fit no matter how he forces his body. He is also aware that he is surrounded by controversial individuals who are funding his campaign as a way of buying protection and I wonder how he sleeps at night knowing these truths.

A man of integrity must be very comfortable with people taking a good look at how he has lived his life and the company he keeps and why.

Buhari’s handlers are telling him the truth. He said he will publicly declare his assets and compel his ministers to do same if elected president yet he is unable to declare publicly the sources of fund for his campaign. Charity should start at home.

Also amidst speculation of his health, Buhari rather than publicly show his certificate of medical fitness will refer Nigerians to verify from public records. A man of integrity must be able to show something.

I am also worried about Buhari’s democratic credentials and what has changed about him. I recall the way he treated the Oputa panel with disdain. He is yet to apologise for the incarceration of Tunde Thompson and Nduka Irabor for writing the truth that embarrassed his government.

Chief Alex Ekwueme and Emeka Ojukwu didn’t steal a dime but he dumped them in jail for the better part of his tyrannical regime. Has he apologised for using brutal force to repress Nigerian students? He jailed Fela and Beko Kuti. What were their crimes? Why did he ban the Nigeria Medical Association? Why are we not asking questions?

Nigeria needs peace and stability which can only be achieved when the religious, ethnic and regional divide is tamed. And you can only tame it with people without much divisive precedence; people that are constructive, people with the ability to control men under them.

He has played ethno- religious crisis to high heavens and ran a very divisive campaign. Truth is, his entire career has been built on fanatical philosophy.

Fanatical philosophy

We cannot surrender our peace, stability and liberty to a man consumed by hatred, who never supported any of our evolving democratic structure and only goal in politics and in seeking for the presidency – vengeance.

As a past military leader, he overthrew a democratic government. After, he too was sacked from office, he maintained a low profile until after the return to democracy in 1999. Since then he has been credited with several divisive comments.

At the peak of the sharia spread across the North, he was quoted to have said that he will not relent in his agitation for the spread of sharia across the federation. He was quoted to have said ‘Muslims should only vote Muslims’ and ‘why should Christians be concerned when Muslims cut off their own limbs under sharia’ and after all ‘the limbs being cut are Muslims’.


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