By Jonah Nwokpoku, a social marketplace has introduced an advertising solution for the upcoming 2015 general elections.

Speaking on the ad platform, MoboFree’s Co-Founder, Mr. Cristobal Alonso, said, “Internal survey run on MoboFree last month disclosed that 92 percent of survey participants are going to vote in upcoming 2015 election. Such survey results and the fact that the MoboFree platform has up to 60 million page impressions and 8 million private messages monthly, confirms that MoboFree is a significant channel for reaching potential voters.”

“In Nigeria, we have over 2 million registered users. But in contrast to other digital channels with high volume of traffic, we can also ensure effectiveness of advertising by very sharp targeting and extremely engaging unique advertising solutions,“ he added.

He said that at, advertisers can target campaigns by Age, Gender, Marital status, Location, Operating system and several other criteria. This, he noted, provides unlimited opportunities for candidates in the upcoming election.

“Want to reach 30-35 year old male entrepreneurs living in Abuja? With MoboFree it can be done with ease and on comparatively low budgets, as there is no need to allocate funds for reaching citizens who are not potential voters,” he said.

Explaining further, he said that, “While traditional banners and text ads can be used on the MoboFree platform for any election related campaign, many more original and much more engaging options exist with integrated “call for action” features – like polling, private messages or even internal games when users are activated to express their opinion, make suggestions for candidates and share ideas on varied socially important topics – like health, security and education.”

He added that such tools as polling systems that are integrated into the MoboFree platform can be used by politicians and political observers as means of monitoring the political landscape and activities in Nigeria.

“Online polling also offers an advantage to sample opinions and beliefs. As respondents can choose when to take the survey and how much time to devote to each question they are more likely to provide thoughtful and candid answers without being biased because the respondents are not being surveyed by a human being,”

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