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December 13, 2014

Gbenga Adeyinka: Versatile MC on the path of Greatness

By Florence Amagiya

No doubt, Ace comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka, who went by the title CFR, and now GCON (Grand Comedian of Nigeria) has made Nigerians proud both at home and in the Diaspora. Gbenga is very popular with his shine shine bobo ‘Star Game Show’. Although he may not be the most amazing comedian in Nigeria, one thing stands him out and that is his spectacular way of delivering his comedy.

Gbenga-adeyinkaAdeyinka is known to use different languages to bring his comedy home and he is arguably the only comedian who has taken comedy to the 36 states of the country. He is known to compeer major ceremonies and shows in dramatic ways.

His launch into stand-up comedy was during his university days, but he later left it for a full time job in an engineering company after school. But his history was re-written when young Gbenga left employment to face his dream of entertaining people without actually believing he would make anything out of it. Today, Gbenga’s story has changed. He has spent more than a decade in the comedy business with world class reputation and an unforgettable 20 years in marriage.

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Gbenga Adeyinka

The Ogun state born superstar, Gbenga Adeyinka, who hails precisely from Abeokuta, got employment in his uncle’s engineering firm after his graduation from University of Lagos, but he left the job without much ado because of his love for the stage and comedy. For him, comedy was ultimate as it comes naturally to him and fun, so even when given a good paying job, he opted for the stage.

But young Gbenga didn’t know how far he would go until he met the likes of Akin Akindele and Tee A. Along the line, he knew that he could do better by becoming an MC instead of a stand- up comedian and when he took that decision, he found out that he made the right choice because he was launched into limelight.

Of course it wasn’t always easy because he was virtually doing shows for free or close to nothing, this he continued doing until after he had paid his dues, then the glory, the fame, and the money and recommendation came in.

Gbenga started anchoring Television programmes on AIT, Galaxy TV, MBI and African Magic on DSTV and on other television shows. His greatest selling point is his ability to speak the language of a particular tribe if he has to talk about that tribe. This made people from all parts of the country to identify with the brand, Gbenga Adeyinka.

Gbenga is so down-to-earth that he could sit on the floor to play with children without any air. Perhaps this is the reason behind the contract he had with Nigerian Breweries. He was chosen as their corporate affairs director after he had anchored a major TV show for them known as “Star the game show”. Gbenga Adeyinka would dress like someone from Niger Delta and speak the three major Nigerian languages and other international languages to buttress his comedy.

His brand and accolades

Gbenga Adeyinka has  grown his brand to the extent that he compeers wedding ceremonies for the rich and mighty in the society. He is a man of many parts; Gbenga is the first Stand-up comedian to have worked in Ghana where he has a huge fan base. Gbenga is the publisher of the first Nigeria’s Comedy Magazine called LAFFMATTAZZ MAGAZINE described by many as the voice of the Nigerian Comedy Industry.

His exciting career has taken him to the UK, Sierra Leone, Liberia, South Africa and to the whole 36 states of Nigeria. Gbenga has worked for the Nigeria Breweries Plc., for whom for the past seven years he has hosted the award winning STAR TV GAME that runs on NTA and other major networks in Nigeria and internationally on DSTV. He has had the privilege of anchoring Nigeria’s premium Music Concert STAR MEGA JAM and even shared the same stage with reputable international stars likes Awilo, Akon, LL cool J, Ja Rule, Kevin Little, T Pain, Kanye West, Buster Rhymes, Ludacris and other Nigerian artistes.

Gbenga Adeyinka in more than one occasion has been described as the most versatile comedian in the business; he has the ability and sensibility to work a large crowd to frenzy. In the past, he had compeered corporate events, passed the brand message while making the crowd excited about it. The grace in his life isn’t limited to large functions as he compeers’ small private parties for the very rich. He is known to do the job, make his money and get wonderful commendation. It then would not be an exaggeration if he is described as the toast of government and government parastatals, as Gbenga Adeyinka is the Corporate Nigeria’s stress reliever.

Gbenga is known to mentor upcoming comedians, and he goes on yearly charity visit to orphanages while raising funds in shows he anchors.