Counsel Corner

November 23, 2014

NIS intensifies screening of visitors at entry points

By Vera Samuel Anyagafu
THE Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has reiterated its commitment towards ensuring that Ebola virus never finds its way into the country again, hence the intensified screening of visitors at all entry points in Nigeria.

Speaking on the NIS committed efforts in the fight against the spread of the virus, NIS Public Relations Officer, Mr. Emeka Obua, said that maintaining strict screening of visitors at airports, seaports and border areas to prevent the spread of Ebola Virus into the country, was helpful.

According to Obua, the Service was engrossingly collaborating with the Port Health Services and Plant Quarantine Services to screen visitors entering the country.

He said that NIS officials must ensure that all immigrants, including plants and animals, entering the country are screened for any form of disease that can cause harm to the health of Nigerian citizens.

Stressing the multiple positive effects of maintaining tightly secured borders, Obua added that NIS collaborated efforts with other sister agencies, assured tight security at the country’s borders entry points.

This, he said, was to ensure that individuals, including goods and animals entering the country are proven safe.

He also intimated that Port Health Services officials were immediately alerted in cases where they encountered travelers with incomplete certificate of vaccination or obvious signs of ill-health.

Responding to the issue of precautionary measures for NIS officials who are positioned at the ports and border areas, Obua said that NIS has effectively equipped officials who monitor the country’s entry and exit points with protective clothing to prevent contact with the virus.

He also said that officers who are deployed to those areas are always in contact with travelers, and it is more than necessary to safe-guard them in all aspect, so as to reduce the risk of contracting the virus as it was easily transmitted through physical contact and air.