October 11, 2014

A long day with cast of Chioma Okoye’s movie

A long day with cast of Chioma Okoye’s  movie


Chioma Okoye’s movie production is currently in the works. The movie stars Harry B, veteran Nollywood actress Ebele Okaro, Juliet Ibrahim, Frederick Leonard, Daniel Lloyd, Nkiru Umeh and some other people.

We met with the cast & crew on a location at Primrose Street, Lekki Area where they were filming. Here’s what they had to say.

I learnt to pray by playing a movie role – Harry B

Harry-BWhat role did you play in the movie?

First of all, my name is Harry B, the man with the pedigree. I’m playing the character of ‘Fred’. Fred is the husband to a billionaire woman known as Helen

How is it like working with the cast and


It’s a wonderful and very interesting production. Everybody on this set is a professional, very friendly and we are having so much fun

How many movies have you done so far?

Before coming to this set, I just rounded up my 102nd production in Markurdi. This one is 103rd

How do you view Nollywood?

Nollywood has come of age. You know like they say ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’. I know we are not where we want to be but it’s a gradual process.

In no time, we will get there. If you look back 20 years ago and now, we are coming up with good stories and coming up with good casts and nice productions and that is how you are able to get some of this fascinating and interesting movies out there to entertain the people

What has been your most challenging role so far in a movie?

I remember this production; they gave me a character of a pastor to play. That was like my most challenging role because I knew I could not pray.

But the role kind of helped me somehow because after that production, I now knew the importance of prayer and how to pray.

I went back and I told my wife what I went through and ever since then she has been my mentor and tutor as far as knowing how to pray is concerned.

Which one is your most controversial movie so far?

Lately, it seems like all they give me are those wicked roles where I am seen as an evil man who even at the end of the day kills his family members, either for rituals or for money.

I guess giving me those kinds of roles has something to do with my face; the beards and all that. If you see me the first time and you don’t know who I am; my look depicts nothing but wickedness, meanness, but that’s not who I am, I’m just an actor.


There is a difference between acting and faking – Frederick Leonard

Frederick-LeonardWhat character did you play in this movie?

I played John. John is a young man who is in love with a woman truthfully and sincerely. I say truthfully and sincerely because we live in a time where a lot of people get married for wrong reasons; it’s either for the wealth or the fame or for contacts and positioning and stuff.

But as much as John in this movie is married to a woman who has a very wealthy background, that wasn’t his focal point, he married her because he truly loved her.

It’s also a lesson when you have a proper script; a proper script is what I call informative, educative and entertaining. And it also sheds light on marriage and how people get into marriage for wrong reasons and then when trying times come, they fail to deal with it.

John is married to Ella who has a lot going for her in terms of investments and then the inner caucus of her family including her father and step-sister started plotting against her life, against her success unknown to John and unknown to Ella herself but John stuck with this woman all the way. I’m the good man in the movie

Can you play bad guy role in a movie?

I’m an actor and I dare say I can play everything and anything. It’s about understanding why you’re playing a role and assuming that position. If you don’t understand why you’re playing a certain role, it would be very difficult to assume it, and you begin to fake it. There’s a difference between faking and acting. It’s only when you become the character that it becomes convincing and true to life

How’s it like working with the cast and crew?

It’s a beautiful ensemble; we have a veteran actress aunty Ebele Okaro, we have Nkiru Umeh who is pretty fresh but awesome, we have Juliet Ibrahim, Daniel Lloyd, a couple of nice actors. It’s been good for one reason; I’m working with people that have been my friends over the years and people that even though we haven’t filmed together before, we’ve always wanted to work together. There is a great chemistry going on here.

I can do poolside nudity without going naked – Nkiru Umeh

Nkiru-UmehWhat character did you play in the movie?

The character name is Ella. She happens to be in the center of the whole thing in the movie. She’s a girl that inherited her mom’s vast estate and companies which her stepfather is interested in.

Ella is married too and expecting her first child with her husband and along the line she was attacked and she lost the pregnancy of which the baby in question is supposed to be a clause to controlling her mom’s estate. She lost the pregnancy and from the attack, she lost her sight as well.

Her stepfather comes up with the idea of taking her seat to run the company for her while she gets better and as time goes on, the whole truth comes out that it was actually her stepfather and her stepsister that planned the whole attack in order to take away her inheritance from her.

How many movies have you done so far?

A lot of them, I have Royal Maid, Mama Africa in cinemas, Kiss and the Bride, Pastor Lazarus, Egg Seller, Close To My Heart, lots of them.

Can you do nudity in a movie?

I really don’t have to; I don’t think I have to go that far to interprete my character. I know I can do necessary things to get my character interpreted well but I don’t have to go nude.

Can you wear a bikini?

Definitely, if I’m playing a poolside scene, of course I should be in my swimwear. It doesn’t have to be bikini; there are so many pool wears you can wear these days without going completely naked.

How is it like working with the crew of this film?

They’re wonderful people. I’ve worked with them before in ‘Lagos Men’, a drama series that is not out yet also produced by Chioma Okoye. I worked with this same crew and that time we worked well, it was a good experience and it’s still happening now. I feel like I’m working with a family, people I’ve known very well so we’ve been able to build that familiarity among us and it’s cool.

I have good chemistry with Juliet Ibrahim – Daniel Lloyd

Daniel-LlordWhat role did you play in this movie?

I played the character Nosa. Nosa is the boyfriend to Gail played by Juliet Ibrahim

When did you start acting in Nollywood?

Prior to when I became an actor, I was an artist manager, I was Timaya’s manager for over 4 years, we came to Port Harcourt together then I left because acting has always been my thing right from the start. So, I had to pitch my tent where I felt was better for me and acting for me was the thing I loved doing from way back

How is it like working with the cast and crew of this movie?

It’s amazing working with professionals like Juliet Ibrahim, Frederick Leonard, aunty Ebele, Bellinda Effah and Nkiru; these are people that really know their onions and how to go about it . So, for me it was a smooth one working with people that know how to go about the entertainment thing

What’s your view of Nollywood?

We are not where we want to be and we are not where we used to be either. So, it’s a work in progress and given the right time and the right people at the helm of affairs, we will get there

Who do you have chemistry working with in Nollywood?

For now, I have a good chemistry working with Juliet Ibrahim because she’s not just talented, she’s sexy and sassy. A couple of other actresses, Monalisa Chinda, Ini Edo, Yvonne Jegede, the list is endless, they’re all great actresses.