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October 12, 2014

After bitter divorce: Marrying again is still in my plan —Juliet Ibrahim

After bitter divorce: Marrying again is still in my plan —Juliet Ibrahim


Juliet Ibrahim is recognised as one of the sexiest and prettiest actresses in Nollywood and Ghollywood. She has a radiance that captures your attention and a beauty that shines from inside out.

Juliet-IbrahimShe was recently seen on location of a movie produced by Chioma Okoye starring Harry B, Ebele Okaro, Frederick Leonard, Daniel Lloyd, Nkiru Umeh and some other people. In this exclusive interview with Potpourri the Ghanaian beauty talks about her career, music and more…

This movie you’re working on now, what is it about?

It is a movie about the lives of two sisters and how later on, one of them gets to find out that she’s a stepchild. She’s envious of her sister and goes through all kinds of things to try and get rid of her or make sure her sister is punished.

What role did you play in the movie?

I played the stepsister, the bad one.

How is it like working with the cast and crew?

It’s great; everybody is having fun on set. It’s my first time working with every one of them actually so it’s been fun so far, we click like we’ve been friends for long.

Are you doing any other movies soon?

My next project is my personal produced movie ‘Shattered Romance’ starring Bryan Okwara, Gbenro Ajibade, James Gardiner from Ghana and myself. That one is going to be in cinemas before the year ends; sometime in November.

How often do you come to Nigeria?

Very often, Ghana is 45 minutes away from Nigeria so I’m just like a phone call away. If any producer wants to use me, all they have to do is just call me and I fly in; so I’m always here.

What’s the difference between working on a Ghanaian set and a Nigerian set?

I don’t think there’s a difference but if I’m back home for my movies, I can get a lot of favours because I know a lot of people back home in Ghana. But here, I’ve not really shot a movie personally, so I can’t really say what is working for other people. Out here, it’s the same thing for me when I’m working in Ghana.

Have you ever had a crush on any actor you’ve worked with?

Not yet. I wouldn’t mind working with Chris Brown, that’s the only one I know I have a crush on.

What was your relationship like with I.K Ogbonna?

He’s just a colleague.

How do you feel being one of the prettiest actresses is Africa?

Who said so? I’m not the prettiest; there was some kind of nomination like that ‘Most Beautiful Woman in West Africa’.  I woke up one morning and I saw that thing and I was happy about it, I was like “ah, so I’m the hottest and prettiest West African woman” It felt great that somebody could actually just sit down and among so many other women in Nollywood and Ghana movie industry, chose me as the prettiest.

It’s not easy because I’m a mom as well. Keeping in shape has been hard. It must go beyond the looks and my figure, I guess my soul, my humanitarian works and things I do made me beautiful in their eyes.

Which is your most successful movie so far?

Maybe the movie Foreplay

Which actor do you have chemistry working with on set?

A lot of them; it depends on the person actually and the roles we’re playing. I have very good chemistry working with Majid Michel, also with Frederick who I just met on this set, we’ve been good together. Daniel Lloyd, Bryan Okwara and Mofe Duncan are also on the list as well; there are lots of them. I’ve actually had very good chemistry working with Ramsey Nouah also and a couple of others.

What attracts you to a man?

For me, it’s always personality; how he treats me, how he talks to me, and how he behaves around people. You can always tell how a man is going to treat you by how he behaves towards other people.

How would you describe yourself off camera?

I am just a down-to-earth girl, the simplest person you could ever meet. I’m like the clown on this set, when they’re frowning I go there to make them laugh.

You’ve left your husband now, are you still planning to marry again?

Definitely, someday probably, but right now I’m just focusing on my work and upbringing of my son.

Which do you love more, music or acting?

Music was my first love, that’s what I grew up doing in a choir in school. I used to sing and perform at talent shows but somewhere along the line, I went for an audition and happened to stumble on acting. Acting opened up the way for me to be able to do my music, that’s how I see it but it doesn’t mean I love one more than the other. Acting is sweet, music is also very sweet because you get to express yourself through music. I also write my own songs and stuff. I love them both


How many songs have you done so far?

Right now, I have three singles out and two videos. The latest one out now with a video is Traffic Jam and the second is It’s Over Now’ featuring General Pype. The very first single that I released is called Celebrate featuring Jupiter, a Ghanaian dance hall artist


Did you really kiss Nikki Samonas in your ‘Final Rain’ movie?

It was a peck; Nikki is like my sister, we grew up together. It was just a peck


What more should people expect from you?

They should watch out for my personal movie productions, the next movie coming out Shattered Romance. I have another video and I’m also dropping a song called ‘Sholala’. My movie Shattered Romance is going to be premiered in cinemas very soon