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Tribute: Dimgba, Just Like That!

By Ikeddy Isiguzo

FRIDAY, August 29, in Katsina, I spoke with Dimgba Igwe for about two minutes. There  was a simple reason  for the  brevity  – Dimgba is usually  a man of few words.  Shola Oshunkeye, The Sun’s  Managing  Director  in its new undertaking in Ghana, joined us.

We bantered about how unavailable we were.  The annual Guild of Editors’ Conference in Katsina was the rare opportunity editors had to interact. Even those working in the same city hardly see each other except in the course of work.

The  discussions over, Dimgba sat on another row of seats to my right. He always appeared to enjoy his own company. I left him alone. There was the slight urge to discuss the politics of our State or the state of journalism practice.  I ignored it.

Saturday, I read of Dimgba’s passing:  just like that, as Fela would have said.

Was there something I should have asked him in Katsina?  I don’t know.

I  share  in the grief of the family. Their consolation should be that he lived with such efficiency, simplicity, and  quietness.  He has done his bit  without the rambunctiousness many of us substitute for journalism practice. May he find rest in the Almighty.


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