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How I handle randy directors, male admirers — Ebinabo Potts-Johnson


Upcoming actress, Ebinabo Potts-Johnson is just beginning to stamp her feet on the movie terrain, but she is no stranger to the limelight as she was first runner-up at the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) 2007 Pageant. She also represented Nigeria at Miss Universe 2007 competition in Mexico.

Ebinabo-Potts-Johnson-2The Bayelsa State-born beauty, endowed with bountiful gifts of nature, says she is ready to take on the make-believe world. Hear her out:

When did you get into Nollywood?

I started in August last year, so it’s about a year now and so far, I think I’ve done about 10 movies, if not more.

What are the most popular ones?

That should be the Afriwood production movie that I did. I’ve done about three with them and so far, people have called me from different places, saying they’ve seen me on Mnet.

The Target is the first movie I did with them. I did Anita, and I also did Maid of Honor . But it is Anita and Maid of Honor people having been calling me about, because I played vital roles in them. I was also in Lekki Wives season 2. I heard Range Rover Babes and Sacrifice of Marriage are out, but I haven’t seen them yet

How did you feel being the first rnner-up at the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (2007) pageant?

It was a nice feeling .Though I came up first runner-up, that’s MBGN Universe, but it was something that made me work harder.

As a model, have you done any commercials?

After the whole pageant thing, I actually stopped and went back to school to get my degree. I just got back last year, so I haven’t really done any commercial for now, but I’m working towards doing one very soon. I wouldn’t want to say anything about it yet

Did you do any other pageants apart from MBGN ?

I actually started with Miss UST, that’s my school. I attended Rivers State University of Science and Technology. I won Miss UST in 2006 and I also went for Miss Bayelsa and won Miss Bayelsa 2006 and then I went for MBGN

How do you maintain your shape as a model?

I believe this shape thing depends on our systems and our systems are different. I might eat a lot and still be slim but it might show off later in the future. So far, I’ve added a little weight compared to 2007. I actually prefer the look I have now. But to maintain this look, I try not to eat junk food even though I like it and I try not to eat after 7p.m.

 Your boobs, do you do   exercises for them?

(Laughs) They’re natural, they’ve always been there.

You’re a very beautiful girl, how do you handle your male admirers?

I am a very playful person and wherever I go, I end up making so many friends, male and female. Most times, those male friends turn out to be those who want more than friendship. I don’t like beating about the bush. What I do is to tell them that all I want is friendship, not anything too intimate. That way I make friends instead of enemies. I try to be straightforward most times in order not to ruin the friendly relationship that’s already been established

What do you find attractive in a man?

The first thing that attracts me to a man is the personality. He should be handsome on the inside. I believe I am a nice person, and I am attracted to nice people.

Why did you decide to go into acting?

After the whole modeling thing, I went back to school to focus on my education and after that, I thought about going back into modeling but figured out that I have more of acting skills in me. So I decided to give it a try by going in for a three-month training in LAPA (Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts) owned by Joke Silva. There and then, I just knew that it’s acting that is the first thing for me before modeling

Can you do a sex scene in a movie?

The series I just did with Chioma Okoye should be coming out very soon and I had a sex scene in it. It’s my profession. As an actress, you should have your limits, but you should be able to interpret any role well. If sex is in a role and you feel you can do it, why not? If you are going to have sex in a movie, it is not like you are going to go naked or something. It is just make-believe.

Can you go naked or semi nude in a movie?

I once rejected a sub-lead role offer to be a stripper, because the producer wanted me to wear a swimsuit and dance on a pole in a club. I can wear a swimsuit in a movie if we are by the poolside or the scene has to do with swimming but anything outside, I don’t think I can do that. If I have to be a stripper in a movie, I don’t have to wear bikini. I can wear shorts and a small crop top or something close.

Has anyone ever demanded sex of you before giving you a role?

I’ve had that so many times. I’m not going to call names but I have. But I have found out that even those directors that demand sex before offering me roles, end up giving me the scripts without getting any sex from me. But then I find myself even rejecting those scripts most times.

What is your view on sex off-camera?

Sex is a gift from God. Though sometimes, we find ourselves doing things we’re not supposed to do, but I think it’s something good. It was created by God for reproduction. I feel sex is a good thing and should be done in the right way.


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