Col. Tony Nyiam (rtd) is a delegate on the platform of the Federal Government

Everything in nature that stands the test of time, always replicates the process of creation. What do I mean? There is always as it were destruction or is it mixing. If you want to build a house, all the elements are virtually put separately and then put together. So what we have done really is in a way replicated the process of creation. Anything that would stand the test of time goes through this process, whereby it starts from a different note and then you have to merge them together.

Obviously we went through that process where there was disagreement and it was healthy. For a long time in history we have been forced  on ourselves. For the first time in history, we opened up and talked to ourselves. Apparently it looks as if we were divided, but we had a heart-to-heart talk and, at the end of the day, what is remarkable is that we ended up amicably. And we agreed that what we have is a unity in diversity, federalism and we must respect the differences we have. Again this wasn’t surprising because this was what Ahmadu Bello said years ago.

What should be the next stage after you have reached this level?
What you have just said is a question of appellation legally. What is the content? In the content, we have resolutions, and so many that really it is much more than an amendment. But for the sake of peace, we call it amendment, but in truth, what we have, whether we like it or not, is a new constitution. There are fundamental things and many to be contained in a remit of an amendment. What we have is really a proposed new constitution.

In any case, it is a logical extension. Why do we want to continue if we are a  democratic country with a military decreed constitution?  I felt it is long overdue that we have a document that would go through a  process of being a constitution so that the people approve. And I think this is why we need to commend the president for starting this process and pray God  to keep on guiding him to see us through in everything.

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