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Liberia to give two doctors trial drug

AN experimental Ebola treatment is being sent to Liberia for two ill doctors who will become the first Africans to receive the untested ZMapp drug.
This comes as there is anger that only Westerners have had a possible treatment for Ebola virus disease that is currently in African countries.

ZMapp is one of several drugs in development to attempt to stop the deadly outbreak, which has no confirmed cure. The death toll from the worst ever outbreak of the highly contagious disease has climbed to 1,013 since it was discovered in remote southeastern Guinea in March this year.
It was unclear how much ZMapp is being sent to Liberia but its American manufacturer, Mapp Biopharmaceutical, said it had already run out of its supply in response to demand from an unidentified West African country.

The serum has not been tested for safety or effectiveness in humans and the company said it would take months to produce even modest quantities.
The American aid workers given the drug after being evacuated from Liberia are said to be improving but there is no way to know whether the drug is responsible or whether they are recovering naturally like other survivors.


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