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No, face reason for your frustrations — Adokiye Kyrian

By Ayo Onikoyi

Seductively attractive and beautiful singer, Adokiye Kyrian, has come, seen and looking at the Nigeria’s entertainment industry through the palms of her hands. Since dipping her feet in the glowing waters, Adokiye has been swimming in fame and fortune.

Apart from her talent, which seems to be growing branches, Adokiye has displayed a kind of nature that doesn’t take kindly to things shrouded in secrecy and mystery even though she is a bundle of mysteries herself. Now that she is a Nollywood actress, after her successful debut outing in Ogbanje and My Brother, My Enemy, Adokiye rightly felt Blessing Egbe’s statement has a bit to do with her. If other actresses would not take on Blessing for her outbursts, not Adokiye. She feels the movie producer knows what she is talking about because, according to her, Blessing is speaking out of frustration. Hear her: “Blessing Egbe, It’s okay to be mad or frustrated about something but the truth is, it’s very wrong and bad to pour it all on the Innocents people too. I think you should face the reason for the frustration, one on one. Don’t judge something you don’t even understand.

What you think is anathema to you, happens even everywhere, trust me. We just pray to God for changes and for a better society. It’s wrong to judge. Or you do think the entertainers are the only ones consuming all the condoms that are entering into the Country? Don’t make the good ones or the passionate ones feel bad because you have refused to face your problems appropriately. Don’t be a teacher in this way. I know you are fighting with somebody. Address it appropriately. I hate to do this ‘call out’” Typical Adokiye, but aren’t there more questions than answers? She said she knows who Blessing was particularly addressing. Stay with Potpourri to find out more and who


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