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confab: Lawmaker, ex-commissioner flay scrapping of LG system

By Enyim Enyim

ONITSHA—A lawmaker in the Anambra State House of Assembly, Mr Chugbo Enwezor, and a former commissioner for lands, survey and urban development, Mr Okoli Akirika, yesterday, condemned the recommendation by the delegates to the national conference that local government system in the country should be scrapped.

Speaking in separate interviews, Enwezor and Akirika said it was preposterous for anybody to suggest or recommend that the third tier level of government should be scrapped when it was the government that ensured that democracy dividend was enjoyed by the people at the grass roots.

The duo said rather than talking of scrapping the local government system, recommendations and suggestions should be made on how to make the third tier level of government functional.

According to Akirika, ”there is every need for the constitution to make specific provisions regarding the structure, establishment, functions and control of the local government.

Even in developed

countries like USA you still have systems that take care of the immediate and perculiar needs of the rural and urban dwellers”.

So, it is very necessary that the requisite constitution and political framework be put in place to ensure that a people oriented system of government is enthroned and sustained.”

Speaking in the same vein, Enwezor said: “All we need to do is to strengthen the local government system and make them viable than talking of scrapping them and we have to tinker with the constitution to do that. I do not think the confab were right in their recommendation’.

If the local government system is a conduit pipe for syphoning public funds we should block that conduit pipe so that the system would be made workable. We can not allow it to be so because we

created it to be so.”

On the recommendation for independent candidacy by the confab, the duo reasoned that there was no need for it, suggesting that the over 50 political parties in the country should be pruned down for a rapid political development.


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