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I can’t get married because others are — Imelda J

Benue State-born music damsel, Imelda Ada Okwori, whose stage name is Imelda J doesn’t seem very much able to keep the air of controversies blowing her way. Since getting her name on track in the music field, the ebony beauty singer has had one controversy or the other trailing her.

There was a time a rumour went wild that she had a secret wedding with music star, Jaywon, a Kennis Music deserter. Though she came out to dispel it vehemently, her situation was later complicated and made to look ridiculous when Jaywon’s handlers came out to say Jaywon never even met the singer, to deride earlier statement by Imelda that she and Jaywon were close.

Then, there was the issue of Governor Suswan. There were many reports linking her romantically with the governor. But she was able to squash that too, saying the governor was like a father to her. “You see, like I said, I am a very friendly person. I can’t change that about me. Maybe it’s one of the reasons. I am yet to discover why. And maybe because I am human or maybe they expect me to flaunt my boyfriend or brag about having a relationship. And because they don’t see all of that, they assume and conclude on my behalf as soon as they see me getting close to any man”, she once told Vanguard Showtime in an interview.
Imelda’s claim to being a friendly person might have been misconstrued severally but she hasn’t helped matters with her knack for hanging out with men. And it doesn’t look like she is ready to do something about her status, at least, to change some certain perceptions about her. “ You know marriage no be small pikin thing. I still be pikin oh. Just kidding. When I see someone I can happily cope with for the rest of my life. Its a spirit to soul thing. I am not in a haste. I can’t get married because others are getting married. I should get married when the time is ripe and God has the final say” she said. But the question is, when will Imelda settle down?


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