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I wish I could paint!

By Tony Ubani
This is football carnival and Brasil is exhibiting it’s prime culture: Amazonian crude nature and the beauty of the woman’s body.

The greatest Brasilian architect, who died last year, Oscar Niemeyer, who single-handedly designed Brasilia (a city built from nothing) said he was inspired by the beautiful shape and curvy figures of the Brasilian woman.

These girls are called literarily “the Queens of the World Cup”, (Musas da Copa). In fact, every football club in Brasil must have a “Queen” (a Musa – generally wearing a bikini/swimsuits/or simply painted bodies) who emerges after some stiff contests. It is also common in Carnivals.

Those of the carnivals are better, I don’t want to say worse.

These ones shown in the picture, just painted all over with no single piece of clothing, are designed as free official side attractions at the soccer fiesta: pure art. They are sponsored by the governments/private companies and are heavily protected by not less than 30 stern-looking military police men.

They parade around the world cup venues with gait. This is Brasil… It is as simple as usual for Brasilians. Culture…eeh? However, they are not prostitutes but highly respected in the society as star artists.

I admire the ladies but  I am envious of the artists who went deep down scribbling and painting on sensitive parts. It is a highly emotional job and lucrative for the painters. Many, though, would love this opportunity even without payment.


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