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Why I rejected Jonathan’s offer of appointment— Fasehun

Dr. Frederick Fasehun, leader of the newly-registered Unity Party of Nigeria and founder of the O’dua People’s Congress, OPC, is not a new face in the Nigerian socio-political arena. He has seen the good and bad times in Nigeria in his bid to push through his own idea of a better society and is still plodding on with the registration of his party, which he says is to be used to galvanise the Yoruba race and bring about good governance in Nigeria.

In this interview, Fasehun talks about his relationship with President Goodluck Jonathan and why the birth of his party became imperative barely ten months to the 2015 general elections in the country.
By Soni Daniel, Northern Region Editor

Dr Fasheun
Dr Fasheun

You are being described by some people as a mole of the Presidency by setting up the UPN to divide the South-west vote and pave the way for the PDP to make an inroad into Yorubaland. Have you heard such allegation directly before?
Yes, I have heard it. Some are even saying that Dr. Fasheun set up UPN to cause mayhem in the South-west. But I think those who are saying that have warped mentality. If anybody was going to cause mayhem in the South-west, the last person to do so would be Dr. Fasheun. What I have been doing all my life is to make sure that the South-West is absolutely secure.

So, for people to now wake up and say that Dr. Fasheun is setting up UPN to cause mayhem is irresponsible. If I may ask, when people set up ACN to push out PDP of the South-west, did they cause mayhem? If I was a disciple of Jonathan, who would have stopped me from joining PDP? Should I have gone through all the problems of forming another political party? I would take the easiest way by finding my way to PDP rather than going to found a political organisation that would become an auxiliary to the main party. I would never do a thing like that.

So what is your relationship with President Jonathan and what is your view on how he has so far administered the country?
I have no special or unusual relationship with President Jonathan. He is the President and I will give him his constitutional respect as the leader of this country, but that is the end of it. I am happy that my people are here and can testify that I was invited about a year ago to come and take up a board chairmanship and I turned it down. It is not even a year now. I am going to be 79; I don’t need any public office anymore.



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