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Nyako – Why Do They Celebrate?

WHY would anyone celebrate the impeachment of Murtala Hamman-Yero Nyako as governor of Adamawa State? How would his departure improve governance or benefit the State? Would the resources that would be wasted in conducting another election to fill a position that would be vacant only four months after, not have made the Adamawa State House of Assembly more circumspect?

In no way are we suggesting that Nyako, 70, should have been left in office after the allegations of serious infractions. Exactly when did the infractions take place? When did the State Assembly know? Why did an impeachment become the only method of dealing with the matter?

Adamawa could do with a new Governor, it has an acting one. The same applies to many States where governors are lords, beyond the law, above everyone and everything. They run on executive fuels available to them alone.

The State is theirs. They dispense patronage. They infringe on rights.   In addition, some pillage the treasury, which is mostly accepted as theirs.

A former Chief of Naval Staff, a former Deputy Chief of Defence Staff, who left service as Vice Admiral, and Governor of Adamawa State since 2007, Nyako has been one of Nigeria’s top political actors for more than three decades.

His unforgiveable sin was being in the “wrong” party at the time his offences became issues that could affect governance in Adamawa State.

They are not alone. Governors run their States to their pleasure. Considerations for the welfare of the people are minimal, if any. No governor is ever impeached for not caring for the people, though the Constitution in Section 14 (2b)  rates the welfare and security of the people as the primary purpose of government.

Are the celebrations in Adamawa over the   enthronement of welfare and security of the people as the primary purpose of government? No, the celebrations are about a new government, new appointments, and new opportunities for other people power to enter the power ring. So many new things would happen in the new Adamawa government, without a change that would benefit the people.

Adamawa is not alone in a democracy that excludes the people. The people serve as the best excuse for anything politicians want to do. In the people’s name, they can move mountains, but not for the people’s benefit.

Nyako is gone, just as it is guaranteed that the politics of the new government is about appropriating the State for new power mongers. There should be better reasons for the expensive exercise of  impeaching a governor.



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