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Maigari splits NFF

Impeached President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Aminu Maigari is leaving no stone unturned to overturn his ouster from the Glass House.

Maigari, we gathered from a close confidant is bent on reclaiming his mandate during the Extra-ordinary Congress of the NFF, where he hopes that delegates, especially those from the northern section of the country will fault his impeachment process last Thursday by some members of the Executive Committee in Abuja and return him to office.

It was learnt from another reliable insider that Maigari, who is the Bauchi State FA Chairman, has already swung into action by allegedly telling northern delegates that his impeachment was spearheaded by southern elements, who planned on enthroning their own dynasty, a strategy, which we gathered, has been bought hook line and sinker by some FA chairmen and secretaries from the northern region.

“Maigari is not going to give up easily in his fight to overturn his impeachment as he has already reached out to delegates from the north, prompting them to believe that his impeachment was orchestrated by ethnic elements and begging them to overturn it at the next Congress.

This message is gaining grounds amongst these delegates, most of whom feel pity for him and want to help him regain his mandate”, said a reliable source, who spoke to Sports Vanguard on condition of anonymity.

Another pro-Maigari force said last night that Maigari was going to use everything within his resources to get his mandate restored, adding that “ we also need to fight back with our might, which Maigari has promised to make available”.

But as Maigari is strategising ahead of the next Congress, those who orchestrated his impeachment are also plotting to seal his fate once and for all.

An arrowhead FA Chairman from the South-South, told Sports Vanguard last night that there was no way Maigari can get his impeachment upturned at the Congress, adding that Maigari was impeached for genuine reasons and that the impeachment was for the interest of Nigerian football and not on North-South divide.”

“Maigari thinks he can get his impeachment overturned at the Congress by bringing tribal sentiments. We have gone beyond that.”


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