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Bizarre: A prophet who hasn’t had a bath for 13 years!

ow would you react if you  heard there was a sane man who hasn’t taken a bath for more than 13 years and is not smelling? Impossible, you might exclaim. may be odd, but it is true.

It is the oddity of this story and curiosity that compelled Saturday Vanguard to take a two day trip to Ibadan, Oyo state, in search of this man: one prophet Wale Olagunju, the presiding Bishop of Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministries in Ibadan, Oyo State, who has neither taken a bath nor had sex with his wife since 2001!

Testimonies regarding his authenticity abound, but this is from the prophet’s mouth:

Sir, we are here to get some clarifications on the story we heard about you.

I am Prophet Wale Olagunju, I don’t know what you heard about me. But whatever it is I am ready and all ears.
When did your ministry start?

I received the name of this church in 1994 but before then I have been a prophet, prophesying to people and all my prophesies come to pass. And that was how we started till today. I was at the Ikoyi mountain when the Lord revealed the church to me.

Prophet Wale Olagunju
Prophet Wale Olagunju

I went to Oke-Anu Mountain in Ibadan where the name of the church was confirmed again to me. I told some pastors about it and they confirmed that is the name of my church. I have been going from one mountain to another until now.

Can you expatiate on that sir?

The Lord God revealed it to me when I was at the University of Ilorin. I met a prophet, by name Bello; he is dead now. He told me that God revealed to him that I was going to be a Prophet but I didn’t believe him. Another prophet told me the same thing but I turned deaf ears to it. In 1984, I met another prophet making it three prophets who told me the same thing.

He told me to be praying and fasting and that is what I have been doing since then. In my rigidity, I saw myself in a vision holding a bible, preaching and prophesying to multitudes of people. This particular vision came seven times, then, I knew, it was a confirmation of all the prophesies. It was at that point that I knew I was in for a serious commission.

So how did this abstinence from bath and sex for 13 years start?

I saw the handwriting boldly in 1999. In 2000, I was on the mountain (at Akike) where I spent a year praying, asking God to give me more power and ability to prophecy accurately as well as power. I asked God to give me power to do exploit in the ministry.

I wanted power like that of Elijah and Isaiah. But God told me there is a price to pay: “You must separate yourself by abstaining from bath, sex, drinking of soft drinks and wine. When I got home, I couldn’t tell my wife. It was a hard task to embark upon.

I kept the word for four months, I was battling with it and at the same time seeking the face of God for more clarifications. So God revealed Himself to my wife and it was confirmed and so since 2001 until now, water has not touched my body. God has been using me and I have been prophesying according to his instructions and to the glory of God, all the prophesies have been coming to pass.

But you drink water?

There is a difference between drinking water and bathing with it.

Are you saying there had not been a time when you mistakenly splashed water on yourself?

I am not a child. There has not been any time that I drank water that it splashed on my body.

What about rain?

I don’t allow rain to touch my body and that is why I don’t go to the mountain during rainy season. The Lord Jesus did not have a wife, it is a price he had to pay. Whoever would be used by God must pay a price. For example, John had no wife and he was in the Island of Patmos alone eating locust.

So you separated yourself from your wife?

I did not separate from my wife in that sense. It was a mutual understanding between us. We still live together as husband and wife. She is my wife and I love her dearly. The only thing is that we don’t have sex together anymore until God takes away the price from me.

Are you doing this in the name of God?

God instructed me to separate myself from all those things.

Including not having sex with your wife?

You are emphasising more on sex. But it was not only sex and that is what you should know.

How do you discern God’s voice?

Any voice that says you should separate yourself for God and not commit sin is of God. There are two voices. I hear the voice of God and it has been manifesting in my life till today.

As a man of God, what would you advise your church members who also have such call?

My case is totally different from any other man. It is going to be suicidal to imitate what I am doing because it is a price I am paying.

No man should do what he is not instructed to do by God. For instance, prophet Isaiah was told not to wear anything, not even a pant. If such happens today, people would say such person is mad. He is Almighty God. So if God instructs your husband not to have sexual intercourse with you, who am I to condemn God. But, I am not preaching that husband and wife should not have sexual intercourse. Mine is a supernatural encounter with God.

But you already have a wife. Do you feel you have deprived her of her sexual right?

It was an instruction from God. God showed the same to my wife. I have a mutual understanding with my wife. We don’t fight, neither do we quarrel over this issue. She is a pastor too.

Do you discuss sex with her?
We don’t, but we discuss about God, heaven, and how people are suffering in the country and the way we can contribute our quota to humanity.

Do you live in the same room?

We have the same flat but we don’t stay in the same room.

And she does not attract you?

It is the grace of God.

How often do you see her?
Everyday. She is my wife.

Do you have children?
I have three children and they are grown up.

So you got the call after you had your children?
That was how God wanted it. He perfected everything for me.

So, at the time you were given a price attached to your calling
[Cuts in]: In any calling, there is always a price to be paid. So, my case is not different to the prophets in the bible. For example, God told Samson not to shave his hair, take alcohol, wine, or touch any unclean thing. So, God Almighty works in divers ways. It wasn’t that I decided not to take my bath or have sex with my wife. I did not abandon my wife. I love my wife and she loves me.

How do you cope with the condition of not taking your bath?
I have no towel.

So, what happens when you smell or develop body odour?
It is the grace of God. I do not smell and that is why He is the Almighty God. What is very difficult for man is possible in the sight of God. God baths me and feeds me.

So you don’t clean up?
I don’t clean up. I don’t want fame that will put me to shame. I don’t want to die.

When were you born-again?
1993. And I want to make heaven with my family, and we are ready to pay the price.

So, what happens when you sweat?

It dries up by itself. I just wake up in the morning and wear my clothe.

Do you wear the same clothe everyday?

No, I change regularly. I have lots of clothes.

So how often do you go to the mountain?

I am always on the mountain. I communicate with God everyday.

So, you are really doing this in the name of God?

How do you mean? It is the price attached to my call.

What happens to the upkeep of the children?

I take my family with me whenever I am going to the mountain. I teach them the word of God. I don’t leave my family behind because I don’t want the devil to snatch them from me. I want to nurture them in the way of God. What is important is to always examine if what you are doing is approved by God. Although there are people who profess themselves as children of God but they are deceivers.

I will not do that. There are false prophets and pastors in Nigeria right now but by their fruits you shall know them. A prophet who marries two wives is not a prophet of God; or a pastor who lives in affluence, or indulge in fornication and adultery. Prophet hood is a delicate position that must be guided with the fear of God. His life must conform with that of God. There are lots of people who do evil in the name of God. A true prophet must always wine and dine with God. Unfortunately, every Nigerian pastor is now a prophet.

How old are you sir?

Above 50 years old.

Do you see yourself accomplishing this task in two years?
I can not dictate to God. But, He told me “very soon.” I fear God and I don’t want premature death.

We are talking about unending years. The examples you cited in the bible were months and days.
It is the grace of God.

So,when will this price end?
Very soon. It depends on the instruction from God. My Lord Jesus Christ fasted for 40 days and nights.

I believe you know lots of people are already criticising you...

I am less concerned about any criticism. The matter is between them and God. I don’t see reason why people should condemn me. If they are worried over who called me, they should go to God and ask Him, rather than condemning people. I am answerable to God and He will reward me accordingly.

What challenges are you facing in all these?
In 2009, I was at the University of Ibadan to buy newspapers. I was standing with my vendor when some people including professors were condemning me for not taking my bath.
Unfortunately, they did not know I was the same person they were talking about. They said, I was a false prophet; that I was looking for occult power. But I explained to them and walked away. They were astonished.

Do you have a mentor?

It is difficult for me to say I have a mentor. The only mentor I have is God. I focus my attention on the Lord Jesus but for role model, I can mention Pastor Kumuyi, and it is because of the way he preaches salvation to people. I am not saying I want to imitate Pastor Kumuyi or behave like him.

As a prophet, how do you think God would use you in the forthcoming general election in Nigeria?

In 2012, I had prophesied that it is not in the mindset of God for Jonathan to rule Nigeria again. If he forces himself in as President in 2015, he will face the consequences. The Boko Haram insurgency he is presently facing will be a child’s play compared to what will befall him. The truth is that Nigeria will likely break into five nations. This is a prophesy of 2003. There is no solution than the country breaking up.

Is that what you think?

God told me so in 2003. The prophesy had been published. Nigeria will break up into five nations and if it does not break up in our generation, it will break in the generations to come.

So what is the solution?
The solution to Nigeria’s crisis is total breakup and it will take place any moment from now.

[Turns to the prophet’s wife, Mrs. Bimpe Olagunju]: Is it true that your husband has not had sex with you for the past 13years?

Yes, he has not had sex with me since 2001 till date.

What would you say about that?

He got the instruction from God. But even before he got the instruction, God had already told me and this has made it very easy for me. It is the grace of God .

Since the time you both had the call and instruction, have you been sleeping on the same bed?

No, we don’t sleep on the same bed or room, but we live in the same house.

Do you think you are being deprived of your sexual right?

No I don’t. The grace of God is sufficient for me.

I gathered that you are a prophetess too?
I am not a prophetess. Many people have the notion that when a woman marries a prophet she automatically becomes a prophetess. I have the calling of a pastor, although I receive visions from God at times.

Your husband said he has not had a bath for thirteen years now as a price he has to pay for power and blessing from God.. What do you have to say about this?

My husband is not the first to do this. Isaiah in the bible was also instructed to walk without shoes.

What type of power is your husband looking for?

My husband was instructed by God and he has to follow God’s instructions. My husband is not looking for any power other power than God’s.

How do you react to public condemnation of your husband for this ‘bath fasting’?
The public opinion does not count in as much as it is God’s commandment.


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