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Varsities Talk: Before applying for admission to Med School (2)

“History never repeats itself; man does.” Barbara Tuchmann, Expert on 13th and 14th Centuries European History.
Please can you tell me the best PRIVATE UNIVERSITY where my daughter can go to study MEDICINE?

RECENTLY one university placed an advertisement in a national newspaper with respect to students to which it had offered admission to read Law. After years of squabbling with the National Universities Commission, NUC, about accreditation, the university closed down its Law School – leaving many students in a quandary about their future. Naturally, the university promised to find accommodation for those willing in other universities.

But, even the authorities know that what they have published is even more scandalous than the scam that got the students into trouble in the first instance. I have read what a few of their professors write about corruption in Nigeria and each time I am reminded of that quip by Samuel Coleridge, 1772-1834: “He saw a lawyer killing a viper on a dunghill hard by his own stable; and the devil smiled, for it put him in mind of Cain and his brother Abel.” (VANGUARD BOOK OF QUOTATIONS pp122-123).

Given the unethical conduct of some of our universities, reading stuff from some of the staff, about corruption in Jonathan’s administration, also reminds me of Cain and Abel. Those who collected huge amounts of money for private university education and years after, left the students in a lurch, don’t regard their Council Members or Senate as corrupt.

After all, they just duped suckers; thanks to NUC’s provisional accreditation – which should be scrapped because it had been grossly abused by unethical university administrators.

Result of my investigations
To the question asked by the wise father, whose daughter wanted to study Medicine at a private university in Nigeria, the answer was startling. Only seventeen universities have been granted accreditation to offer Medicine in Nigeria and NONE of them is a private university. All the universities with approval are public universities.

Now, that revelation has implications for those currently enrolled in Colleges of Medicine in private universities. That they are taking a huge risk with their money, time and future is obvious – even to a sucker. Those in level 100, meaning just starting will be advised to get out before doing more damage to their careers and try gaining admission to approved public universities.

Those far advanced have a different set of problems and part of my advice to them cannot be published. The same goes for those who have already “finished” and are now clutching worthless certificates. They need advice and they need it very quickly. For those who are just contemplating enrollment in those universities, there is only one piece of advice – forget it. If you don’t, you might live to regret it.

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