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June 14, 2014

I’ve never been heartbroken — Hauwa Allahbura

I’ve never been heartbroken  — Hauwa Allahbura

By Kehinde Ajose

She has endeared herself to the hearts of Nigerian movie lovers    with her show on Tv –Village Square TV. Hauwa Allahbura is a young lady who isn’t new to the limelight, she hugged stardom when she emerged the winner in the Miss FCT pageant years back.

hauwaArmed with a passion for making anything she does work, Hauwa opens up on her experience as a media personality, why she hasn’t been heartbroken  and her celebrity crush.

My name is Hauwa Allahbura     and I am currently a TV presenter for Villagesquare TV a Nollywood entertainment channel broadcasting on ONTV .I am     an actress and I am working on developing some projects for people to enjoy in the future.

Well my journey into the entertainment industry began in 2013 after my reign as Miss Federal Capital Territory-FCT. I was Miss FCT from 2012 to 2013. Before then, I had always had a passion for TV and movies so I just figured that it was the right time for me to pursue a career in that industry. I started by going for many auditions for the job of a TV presenter. I got to audition for it     and fortunately for me, they saw something in me that they liked and   I got the job. It was really exciting for me because it was like a     positive feedback for all my hard work.

Well, I would say it’s a combination of all three things; fame, money and passion. I have a lot of passion for movies, drama, and stories . However, in order to be successful in this industry you have to court a certain level of fame which is also nice because with that fame and passion I can make lots of   money and achieve so many things that I dream of doing.

What people talk about mostly is the fact that I have nice dark skin and I am also from the northern part of Nigeria so it sort of     influences my accent a little. Some people say they like my Hausa accent   . I like it too. I also believe my actual personality makes me unique.


My close friends see me as a comedian because I like to laugh and make people laugh but sometimes I may be saying something and they start laughing and I wonder what they find so funny but that’s just it. I am also very dramatic, something people hardly know about me? My friends even call me Hauwa “Wahala”. They often say that should be my surname

My parents are in full support of my career path right now in TV and movies but they weren’t in support of     my participation in the Miss FCT pageant They later     started to support me towards the end of my reign. It was quite tough with them at the beginning.

First of all, I am from the north even though I am a Christian, my parents are still very conservative and they did not know or understand that the Miss FCT pageant did not involve any sort of display of nudity. They thought that I would be going on stage in a bikini and all that and that idea irritated them. When they found out that it did not involve any nudity , they started to support me.

You know it’s weird or maybe not, but I have never been heartbroken before. Maybe I enjoy to   do the dumping before getting dumped. I actually think heartbreak is an option and I think     it’s time for girls to know their worth and get over the heartbreaks.

My sense of style is a balance of two different styles. I love being glam especially when I am going for events or other social gatherings with other beautiful people. I love to be glamorous in that sense, but   when I am just doing my every day grocery shopping or running around, I don’t think anybody will expect me to be glamorous, so I like simple, easy, comfortable, no heels or makeup type of thing. So it’s a balance of glam and comfort.

There is someone I have always been crushing on from afar and I am sure I share this same crush with a lot of women. My celebrity crush is and has always been RMD. Since I was a little girl and even till now. I met him once, even interviewed him on the red carpet at the Nollywood @20 event.    I was star struck and I couldn’t stop staring.

I believe there are different levels of sexual harassments. What I think is quite normal is when a man tries to propose to you an offer    during an    audition stage without necessarily giving you an ultimatum or directly asking for sex in exchange for getting a job. I think that will always be there because it is how men are , especially in this country. The other level is where I get really angry .When someone tries to force    you into sleeping with them just because they want to do something for you or because you are asking for a job. When it comes to that, I would say women have a choice and that choice is to maintain their personal integrity and say a big no. Some upcoming talents may be desperate for a breakthrough in their career and they may decide that they have no choice other than to sleep with the person, but I do not believe in that. I believe in taking the long route to success through hard work and persistence.