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No ifs, no buts only merit will do

By Denrele Animasaun

 “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” — Groucho Marx

For some time now there been the incessant furore about the next governor of Lagos State and what religion he should belong to, despite the fact no one had put their hat in the ring. Some had said that there would be trouble if a Christian is not in the government house after the election. These people are trouble rousing and they are being divisive. It would be wise that any selection of candidate should consider, reflect and represent the population they serve, so above all else it should be on merit.

The last time I looked, we are all Nigerians and Black. Why are we becoming so fuelled with self loathing?
The collection of concerned Christians are adamant and they put it so crudely by declaring the anticipated 2015 seat as “it is our turn”. Nigeria needs some new thinkers and selfless leaders. Most importantly, the Nigerian voter should vote with their conscience and not sell their votes for a bag of rice or crumbs from the table of these greedy politicians. Nigeria deserve more and our concerns are real should not be ignored. It should go beyond religion or tribal allegiance. It should be about security, tackling high youth unemployment, good and accessible health and social care, good and safe roads and transportation, responsible and accountable politicians, public officials and the police.

There should be separation of religion and the state. Nigeria and Nigerians deserve better and our young deserve much more.

Ambode; Will he succeed Fashola?
Ambode; Will he succeed Fashola?

We are often too quick to cut off our nose to spite our face. It has always been “my way or the no way at all”. Let me elaborate: some years ago, my nieces and nephew came to spend some time with me in south London. At the end of their visit, I called a cab to take them home to their parents. The cab driver happened to be a Nigerian. When nearing our  destination, I handed the fare to  the cab  driver  and asked for change, He took  offence he  did not have  change  and was very  annoyed that I should have told him from that onset. I did not think it was a problem but he did. So rather than accept the money, he asked us to get off his cab and since it was about five minutes to our destination, we walked and got a cab ride for free. So you see what I mean. If something or someone does not serve our purpose we should be quick to discard it without any discerning rationale.

So my point is, why should we be voting for people on the basis of their religion, instead of their experience and qualification to do the job? Should we base their candidacy on merit regardless of their religious or tribal background? I believe it should be by merit and nothing less, will be disrespecting to the voter’s intelligence and we run the risk of whipping up hatred that would define our people for a long time to come and history is littered with such disasters. Those who are paranoid will say, it is all well and good, that is because you are a Muslim.

Wrong. I am for anyone who can do a thorough job and not empty the coffers, someone who is a unifier and has the best interest of the whole of the people at heart and not for some section. I feel politicians on both side of the political spectrum are using this distraction to divide, cast aspersions and pillage of our common wealth. We will be imprudent to take our eyes off the ball and allow them to get away from the real issues. There is no crusade
or jihad when it comes to taking the  top jobs and with Nigerian politicians it is  often  a do-or-die for the greedy and  power mad. The political position has got to meritocratic anything other than that we have failed to learn from our mounting political and ethical disaster.

The  facts do not  bear out the truth. I don’t  buy the  Christian/Christian or  Muslim/Muslim  governor or  presidency  ticket, it should be on merit for every position.

My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.” –– Abraham Lincoln

Can someone confirm that the Governor of Adamawa State Murtala Hammanyero Nyako committed gross misconduct while discharging   his duties as the Governor of Adamawa? If it is true, this is shocking but nothing is shocking in Nigeria.

It will stagger me if indeed he diverted N1.3Billion Adamawa State workers’ salary for September and October 2011. And that he set up fictitious extra budgetary expenditure of N1, 740,785,246 on Special Assistants and another N166, 230,536.88 on Personal Assistants in 2013. There is more and it will be so sad that the first citizen of a state is duplicitous to his people that he vowed to serve.

Red for Sickle cell
Thursday, June 19 is World Sickle Cell awareness Day. So in many countries there were activities to raise awareness about the disease that affects millions of children every year and significantly reduces their quality of life.

Sickle cell disorder is a “significant cause of mortality and morbidity that merits closer consideration,” leading to the deaths of up to 5 percent of children in some African countries.

People with the disease have two copies of the sickle globin gene, which produces an abnormal haemoglobin and red blood cells that have haemoglobin S instead of haemoglobin A. In sickle cell anaemia, the most common form of sickle cell disease, the body makes sickle-shaped red blood cells that contain abnormal haemoglobin.

These red blood cells are less functional and block blood flow, causing pain and organ damage, and increasing the risk for infection. During which they have crisis.

It is important to know ones genotype and to seek help for those diagnosed with sickle cell. With proper treatment, the disorder can be managed. A combination of folic acid and penicillin seem to work for many and managing the pain with pain killers under medical supervision is strongly advised. They are also advised to reduce stressful environment and situations as it can ignite a crisis. Drinking regular water is very good to keep the person hydrate and small  and regular  exercises can  ease some of  the  joint pains. Over in the UK it is routine, to test pregnant women from affected ethnicities and advise them if the baby they are carrying is a carrier or have sickle cell. Also they have support groups and those in crisis are often fast tracked at Accident and emergency so that they can receive so treatment.


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