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Boko Haram: Join hands to redeem Nigeria or…—Rev. Thompson

In this concluding part of the interview, Rev. Thompson speaks on the country can join hands to move Nigeria forward

What was the favour he did to us?
He started a revolution, created an economy, created refinement and instituted conflict resolution programme into the civilization in such a way that in 1400 years, you will never hear that a Sango worshipper ever fought with an Oya worshipper. There are, at least, 402 deities in the pantheon of gods in that area, but in 1400 years, there has been no escalating conflict between them.

There are certain things the man did which can be applied to Nigeria and Nigeria will give the solution to the rest of the globe. What that man did in the 8th to 9th century had the ability to separate all these issues and separate the religious cover completely.

This is what must form 90 per cent of our strategy. Do you know that the engineering of Oduduwa is what resulted to the fact that if you go to the South-West today, you will see marriages between Christians and Muslims. The Yoruba people refused to accept it because Oduduwa was not a Yoruba. He was a North African.

The civilization reached its pick bet-ween the 12th and 15th Century. Now to fight the Oduduwa engineering, the Boko Haram of those days created the prince of Persia called Bayajjida who had seven legitimate sons and what they called the Banza Bakwai (the seven bastards). The seven bastards, according to the Bayajjida myth, is Yoruba. Unknown to the Yoruba people, the word Yoruba actually means a worthless bastard.

Whether you like it or not, if we bring all these truths to the table, they will have to accept their role as the custodians of the solution, not only to the Nigerian challenge, but also to the challenges that can tear the whole of Africa apart and what is disturbing the whole world. If the Yorubas will have the humility to lift truth above pride, nobody can hide this solution anymore, you may not know it’s there, but once you are taught to look for it and you look inside it, you will see it.

So in the so called ‘Yoruba Omoluabi ethos’ there’s a short division between religion (efin) and the product of this particular deity which is called ise esu odara, the devil’s arithmetic. If the devil’s work disguises under Christianity, anybody who is a product of the social engineering of that North African will look at it and say that is not religion. That is the devil’s work.

That’s why it has been difficult for them to penetrate the South West and that’s there have been no bombs in Lagos.
There are scholars all over the world who are trying to crack this code to destroy it; because if you blow one bomb in Lagos, the entire Oduduwa project will bang together and their hope of taking the entire nation will be lost completely.

So Boko Haram, Al Qaeda et al is raging to crack this code. They have realized that this is the only formula, and it’s only within Nigeria that it has resisted them for 1400 years. It’s not a tribal foundation; it’s the work of a social engineering of a North African. If we cannot admit the truth, we will perish together as fools. We have come to a place in Nigeria now where we either learn to be together as brothers or die together as fools.

These our girls that they have taken, we recognize that it is an act of war; those girls are not children. If it takes six months or 60 years, we will track all of them one by one and we’re bringing them back home no matter how they have brainwashed them.

Woe betide the soul that is joining hands with anybody to take any Nigerian citizen, whether a young girl or otherwise to brain wash, to rape; if it takes us 1,000 years, we will track you down. Africa is for Africans. We are the solution to all these type of wars. Any African who wants to be a European or American, migrate. Any African who wants to be an Arab, go to the Arab world.

How do we differentiate between the devil’s arithmetic from religion in Nigeria, knowing that the major problem of this country is religion?
Anybody who says he knows God must know the truth. I’m not going to sit on any religious camp and tell lies when I see the truth. Those who reject truth, reject God. Its not a difficult problem. The darkest hour precedes the dawn. You must remember that the greatest weapon used to separate us has been the instrument of fear, intimidation and discrimination and that is the weapon of this hydra-headed monster.

It has used fear so much in Nigeria, and because the authorities have not been careful to understand the delicate situation here, it has allowed it. There should be a lot of creative thinking but…I’m not interested with what government has to do, I’m interested in the fact that for once we have come to the place where the average citizen cannot look away anymore. So the major move to bring about peace in Nigeria is not going to be based on government, it’s going to be based on you and me.

The African will always fight for the future of his children, it’s one of our traits. We are a spiritual people, and we are also people who care about family. I’m assuring you that if we do our jobs well by educating everyone to the point that we understand that 80 per cent of the job is not military and that the major part of the job falls on the common man in the streets, not the major mighty man of God or the imam, but all the followers will have to listen to what God gave to Africa, that we either be together as brothers or perish together as fools.

I’ve mentioned already that we gather information, we educate people, we build consensus; that is when we now come to negotiation to help them to see the truth. When they cannot see the truth, then we have to confront them with the truth; not to defeat them as persons, but to defeat the evil that they are practicing, and win them if possible to our sides. If they refuse to be won and continue to commit crimes, that’s where we have the military aspect.

For 1400 years, God put in Africa the solution to this madness. If we are foolish enough to say because it is an African solution, we don’t want to take it, we are deceiving ourselves. The same thing you see in that omoluabi engineering of Oduduwa is available in Ubuntu of South Africa. If we can embrace truth…there may be sacrifices that we may have to make: if you can remember years back, my name came out on the fatwa list of Boko Haram.

We look at these things and we realize that these people are ignorant. I don’t hate the Boko Haram because of that. I realize that if they have my kind of background; they had the opportunity to have an education, they won’t be like that. I have been valued, they have been devalued, it’s not part of religion or politics or all those things that people think it is. It’s this hydra-headed monster, the same instrument Adolf Hitler used in Nazi Germany and killed 6 million Jews.

If there had been this treasure that Oduduwa taught us to separate devil’s works from politics, Nazi Germany would not have killed 6 million Jews. He would have detected earlier. So it’s not too late, if we get into the programme of information dissemination; educating people, consensus building and we move on time, we’ll not only salvage Nigeria but we will actually be a model to the rest of Africa and the world.

We would have created a model that will wipe out corruption; we would not only destroy the big liars it will also destroy corrupt politicians. We would have come to the place where we realize that all those deadly acts of Boko Haram; they are not cause but they are contributory.

God designed Nigeria to redeem African nations; that will show the way to the rest of Africa to get our seat of dignity at the table of nations without shame. Since our independence, we have learnt a lot of lessons, we have learnt what not to do and I can assure you that we are in a better position than any African nation right now if we make up our mind to do what is right and use the truth.

If it took Dubai 23 years to transform a desert into what it has become today, it will not Nigeria eight to transform Nigeria into the full world power trhat we are designed to be.   We are at the point now where we either redeem the destiny of our nation or destroy it.


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