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March 2, 2014

Countering Boko Haram : Desired results may take a while — Olaoye

Countering Boko Haram : Desired results may take a while — Olaoye

By Olayinka Ajaiyi

Following the serial massacres in Borno, Yobe and Admamawa States by the Boko Haram sect,  a security analyst and managing director of Halogen Security, Mr.Wale Olaoye, bares his mind on the lingering insurgency in the North. Excerpts of interview:

What is your view concerning attacks by the Boko-Haram group rocking the North?

The continuous killing of innocent lives in the North is so unfortunate  and very disheartening. The government at this critical stage should not allow the shedding of innocent blood not to mention the magnitude of the losses recorded.



What is your view about the state of emergency adopted by the federal government?

Under this circumstance, it would be difficult to fault the imposition of state of emergency. Other rounded measures should have followed. But you must understand it takes quite a lot to make rounded and holistic risk management plans midstream, especially without solid foundational intelligence. So adjustments and desired results in curtailing the menace of insurgency may take a while.

What other security measures do you think the government can employ as a security expert to curtail the insurgency?

Several measures we learnt have been taken by the government to curtail the insurgency rocking the North but uncompromised commitment to good governance and the love for one Nigeria, investment in unifying of command and cooperation of all government and private security agencies and, of course, coordinated and rounded intelligence between all the agencies would make a serious impact in curtailing the problem.

Some people are of the opinion that the Federal Government should reopen negotiation with the terrorist group.  What is your view?

I am a firm believer in dialogue, but the issues to illicit dialogue must be on the table. I am not sure something is on the table for this one or are you aware of any? I seriously pray we can get to that point

Is Nigeria mature enough to combat insurgency pro-actively?

I am persuaded that lessons have been learnt about the essence of proactive and effective risk management as a nation. Which is the point we have been making about the need to be ahead in intelligence before mitigating plans are crafted. Risk management is about proactive measures and not reacting to the after effects of the insurgency. We as one united Nigerians have to roundly overcome our challenges, as no one can love Nigeria more than Nigerians. We will get there.