By Ayo Onikoyi

Benson Okonkwo is a fast-rising upcoming actor, who seems to thrive on controversies but Queeneth Hilbet, seems a quiet one, a rookie too, but definitely, moving into the big time. They are friends, colleagues but a word stalking them right now is that they have gotten a little bit more than friends. Maybe a statement by Queeneth in a recent interview with me set the ball rolling, where she said the only friend she has in Nollywood is Benson.

Hear her: “Benson, I will say, is one of the few people in Nollywood that likes me for who I am. He’s real and because he is a guy, it works for me. The girls, girls thing doesn’t cut with me. Most of the girls are fake. It is not like I have issues with anyone. I just found out very few of them like me”.

And some pictures of both of them leaked on the internet, were rather suggestive and did give rise to suspicions. When I asked Benson if he and Queeneth are going out, the handsome dude was somewhat cagey, making me all the more suspicious. All he said is that I should ask Queeneth.

There and then, I must have stepped on a live wire because Queeneth went all ballistic on me.  “Please, that must be a wicked rumour that could put me in a bad way with my man. Please, my man should not hear this. I am not dating him, we are just colleagues”.



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