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Men plan to boycott Valentine?

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By Charles Mgbolu & Olufemi Ajasa

Today is St Valentine’s Day. A day of love, cherished by…oops!! (sorry for that error), we meant worshipped by women. And the social media is abuzz, the love posts and count down has begun but then like every other year, there is a valiant attempt by a clever few to hijack the season with one DEMAND …MEN SHOULD DOWN TOOLS THIS VALENTINE’s DAY.

But Why? Their answers lie in their posts and its everywhere…facebook, twitter, BlackBerry messenger broadcasts, Whatsapp, Instagram, very hilarious  posts but growing in intensity.
One from a BB broadcast reads: “Valentine died for love, Romeo also died for love, Jack in Titanic died for love, Samson in the bible died for love, Greek heroes Herculis and Archilis died for love … and even Jesus Christ himself died for love! Where are the women? Don’t buy any Valentine gifts this year until she gives you at least five names of women who died for love! “

Another on facebook goes… Valentine Warning Strike: The National Association of Husbands and Boyfriends (NAHAB) are going on 3 days strike which will commence from 13 to 16 February, 2014. Please note that our cell phones will not be reachable during the strike and our relationship commitments will commence on the after the strike.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our wives and girlfriends who were hoping to be with us on Valentines Day. Thanks for your understanding.”

You must have read some of them and laughed it off but then, there are shards of reality in those messages. The ‘anti-Valentine’s Day’ campaigns have risen because of a harsh economic reality.

In the game of love, Men do the giving and an overwhelming percentage struggle under crippling financial burdens. The protests real or imagined kick against the perceived ‘exploitations’. Valentine to them now portrays a race between ‘Predator and prey’. With mouth howling with laughter, they want to say NO. We no longer want to be ‘victims’ of this celebration.

These facebook, BB and twitter updates bring comic relief, but it is a consistent lamentation about women harvesting men’s income, saying the financial burden ratio formula is just not fair!

Do you think it is time for ladies to take the increasing jokes seriously by soft-pedaling on the type of demands they make or returning the gesture shown to them, one way or the other so as not to exterminate this festival of love in our own part of the world?

Happy Valentine’s day in advance!!!


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