By Victor Gotevbe

Susan is a Nigerian graduate of Management and Information Technology from University of Plymouth. She has great passion for music. Speaking with Vanguard Youthful Vibes, she shared her story on how she began her music career and it is making impact. Excerpts:

Youthful-Vibes-pixHow it began

I have always loved music. I used to dance and sing with my elder sister and we did a bit of that in several kids television programmes including Clapper Board Kids TV. Later I joined the choir as a teenager and I formed a few singing groups, but now I’m going solo. The last decade was spent more or less just doing song writing, and the sogs graced a few special occasions in some churches.

My Kind of music

My songs have been inspired by my faith and life experiences; so naturally I knew the Gospel was the way for me. The World makes me write songs, and certain experiences inspired me to write or share my faith expressing myself in my songs or music. Gospel would always be lucrative. It is very powerful when one can minister the Gospel to others with music and there will always be audience for it. The real challenge is getting yourself out there. There are a lot of singers now whether gospel or secular, and as everything else, one needs to distinguish… and keep at it, and one day there will be a very good reward.

My music empowers and inspires

Stepping out to do music is an inspiration to young people because a lot of them want to do the same but are too afraid to try. So already, I’m an inspiration for stepping out. Also I know the power of the gospel can empower all of us to live life abundantly. Hence, I know my songs are an inspiration to all that will listen.

Ongoing Project

Giveasmile is a music night of inspiration. I was inspired to initiate at a time when I myself needed a smile. I remember asking God to just put a smile on my face that season, and He said to me ‘why don’t you give someone a smile?’.

Then I understood that no matter how bad our situation is, someone may be worse, and what we make happen for others, God will make happen for us.

So I decided to give a children’s charity a smile by using my music to fundraise, and truly it’s been a blessing to me and has since been a blessing to others too. So every now and again, I host a Giveasmile-night to fundraise for a good course in the community.

Since 2012,  Giveasmile has raised money for several children’s charities including  Great Ormond street hospital, the NSPCC in UK, and for children in Syria.

It has also had a special face of gold event to celebrate and encourage people that have been tough through tough times. Giveasmile will continue to make positive impact and grow to give more people smile.

My Advice to young Nigerians

You need to love your dreams. Step out and don’t be afraid. Trust in God and do your work diligently. Soon you will stand before kings.



EKEMINI SAMUEL ITA TOM,is a student of the University of Calabar (UNICAL), Cross River State. He is 21 years old and very passionate about making impact….  He has hosted and masterminded several initiatives on and off campus.  Presently, he runs “The Radiation Planet”, a not-for-profit enterprise he founded in 2011 on campus to inspire change, motivate youths and teenagers to discover and fulfill their purpose and impact lives. In 2012, he, hosted “Concept  I Can” in UNICAL where he hosted seasoned speakers from Lagos, Warri and Calabar. He also runs a monthly programme called Radiance Hour – a motivational and inspiring moment of enlightenment and education which holds on Campus, Unical. In June 2013, he kicked off a seasonal programme for secondary schools called Secondary School Outreach Project (SSOP) focused on taking seminars and trainings to students in their schools from one school to  another.  Last November, he hosted Secondary School Impact Project (SSIP) aimed at assembling the students and empo
wering them for immediate and future impact. Areas covered in the seminar and workshop was Career Enlightenment and Reviving the Reading Culture in the Nigerian students.



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