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January 25, 2014

My passion for acting killed my dream of becoming a pilot — Oses Otoide

My passion for acting killed my dream of becoming a pilot — Oses Otoide

Oses Otoide is a Nollywood actress who has made her mark since she delved into the industry about a year ago. In this interview, she talks about the challenges of surviving in the industry as well as her vision for year 2014.


My name is Oses Otoide. I hail from Ishian in Edo State. I was born and brought up in Benin city.

osesI am the fourth child in a family of five. Well, talking about my upbringing, I was brought up by parents who were so protective of their wards in a way that we never had the chance to play or mingle with other kids in the neighbourhood.

Consequently,  I grew up as a shy and reserved person. I have a B.Sc in Accounting from Igbinedion University, Okada. I would say that I had fun as an undergraduate.

During my final year, the whole story took a new twist when my family relocated to the  United States  in 2008. Having been close to my family,  it was really not easy to live without them around me. After my university education, I came to Lagos in November 2009, where I got a job with one of the leading telecommunications companies, Globacom. But I resigned my appointment in June 2012, because of lack of job satisfaction.

Talking about  my journey  into Nollywood, I must be very frank with you. As a little child, I have never dreamt of becoming an actress.It happened by chance and I found myself doing what I am doing today. I started acting professionally,  in March 2013. That was a year after I resigned from Glo.

I had always dreamt of becoming a pilot but, because of my passion for acting, I couldn’t actualise the dream. I was motivated to go into acting when I realised people would marvel or sometimes become emotional after reading what I have written.

I saw myself constantly interpreting these stories when I’m alone. I thought learning to deliver my lines wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Later, I  delved into acting. I thought perhaps I had finally found something I could do effortlessly.

But my dream of  flying an aircraft is still alive. I am still very hopeful that some day, I would have the skill and privilege to fly  a plane as has been my biggest dream.  Since my venture into the Nigerian motion picture industry, I have featured in a couple of  movies which I cannot really remember all now. Though every role I played in a movie has been very challenging. Some are more challenging than the other. The moment you try to be what you are not just to ensure that you interpret a role well, you find out that it’s very challenging. So, every role comes with its challenges.

I put in so much effort to interpret a role. I would say that, my  most challenging moment  on set sometimes, could be working with established actors and actresses. It can be such a huge challenge working with people with many years of  experience.

I must tell you the truth, I have not been  sexually harassed in the industry. Many people have been talking about it but I believe that if you do not give room for it, you would never be sexually harassed.

Though, with several challenges in the industry, I have no regrets being  an integral part of the industry. I have passion for acting,and I love doing it.  For me, I will find it a bit difficult to tell you the part of my body that is sexually appealing.

I think the opposite sex are in a better position to say that. People are basically attracted to me because of my personality. I am single now, and in my opinion, love is an intense emotional attachment or an expression of affection.

If I am asked to say, I will simply define sex as a hot and passionate rendezvous.This year, I have promised myself that I would work hard and stay focused. I have no regrets in the past year. But this year, I hope to do bigger projects and to take on more challenging roles  just like every other person that is very optimistic.

I enjoy chocolates. I have a strong obsession for kitkat.I have at least twenty bars weekly.

I despise drinking water, I could go an entire month without having a drop.I would rather prefer to  have a malt drink. I’m not proud of my habit and I hope someday I will be able to develop a healthier life style and over come my addiction for anything sweet.