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Africans, home and the Diaspora converge for future city project

The 2014 edition of African Renaissance Conference of Africans from the continent and the Diaspora holds at Akpokoutu, Republic of Benin on January 15, and 30, 2014.
In the last four years, prominent African leaders such as South African cleric, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, African-American civil right activist, Rev Jesse Jackson, among others have joined the convener, Vizir Olfindji Akande to strategise for the development of African culture and value.

The first part of the event holds on January 30, at the cite of the proposed city, Akpokoutu, a border town between Ogun State and Ilara, Benin Republic. The event, among other focuses, marks the widely celebrated Martin Luther King day.
The second part, which holds same day features a conference on the proposed African City project.

African Renaissance City of Humanism, also known as Igbale Aiye by the natives of the host community is designed as a common home for the black race across the world to converge, regularly, towards a greater collective advancement.
African Renaissance City is the initiative of Africa Cultures International Institutes, under the leadership of Vizir Olofin II Olofindji Akande, and is proposed as a free territory across the border space of Republic of Benin and Nigeria.

The African Renaissance City is currently under gradual evolvement on the Republic of Benin side of the project with several yearly activities, including induction of prominent Africans. Inductees in the past events included Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, American civil right activist, Rev Jesse Jackson, South African cleric, Bishop Desmond Tutu among others.

Of significance, every year is a section of the January event when pilgrims to Igbale Aiye perform spiritual tribute for the repose of departed slaves’ souls. The tribute is done in a collective and neutral way that is not identified to any known faith or religion, hence stressing the freedom goal of the Renaissance City of Humanism. The city, however, welcomes people of all faiths.

Some of the yearly events include Solidarity, ending of January; Tolerance and Consciousness, February 6 and 11; Farewell Slavery, March 25; Unity, May 25: Childhood and Freedom, 16 and 19 June; Brotherhood, 16 August; Tradition, September 17; Dialogue, October 2.
One of the several natural features of the Africa Renaissance is a cave said to have been traced by archaeologists to the Biblical Solomon. Inside the cave is a spot described as ‘the seat of King Solomon’.

African Renaissance City of Humanism welcomes partners to establish holiday resorts, hotels and various cultural structures across the vast land.
In 2012, the government of Republic of Benin and Africa Cultures International Institutes signed a Convention, which contains 31 Articles.
One of the areas of interests, according to Article 4 states that the city shall intervene in the following:
Understanding between human beings and the fight against intolerance; inter religious dialogue;, cultural industries and other services.



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