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Lifeline: Food is life, food is death

When she clocked 60 recently, Mrs. Idowu Ashiru, Managing Director, MART-Life Detox Clinic, Lagos, a practitioner of the Mayr diet protocol, looked lithe and trim as ever. At her modern Mayr medicine detox clinic, the golden rule is “watch what you eat, how you eat it and when you eat it.” 

Idowu-Ashiru-11Mayr diet protocol

What we are eating is determining how long and how well we live. The Mayr diet was devised in the early 20th century by Dr.  Franz Mayr, who was passionate about the link between digestion and health. Mayr was an Austrian doctor living in Austria. He was treating so many cases of High Blood Pressure and diabetes but was not getting good results from his patients. So he tried an experiment.  He removed food from the tables of his patients and put them all on fasting. To his amazement, each one of them got better.

So Mayr realised the problem was with the food. The type of food, the way the food was being cooked and eaten was the genesis of their ill health. Mayr began doing different experiments with different foods to cure his patients. That was how the Mayr protocol in medicine developed.

Optimal health

As we age in these days of so much cancer and diabetes, high blood pressure, all these are due to toxins. Gone are the days of high incidences of infectious diseases like cholera and tuberculosis. The ailments in vogue now are lifestyle-based.

The secret to optimal health is detoxification. When you detox, you remove all the toxins from your body, and then all of your face and your body become fresh. This should be done regularly. Technically you should fast and detox once a week, say every Monday after you must have indulged in excesses over the weekend. If you do that, that will a total of 52 days or equivalent of seven weeks in a year. Imagine that the body accumulates toxins very fast.


At MART-Life, we do not do too much fruits. Yes, fruits are healthy and have plenty of vitamins, but the same fruits we were eating before are not the same thing now. Take pineapples for instance. The ones we get now are so sweet one might as well be eating sugar, so you can imagine that the health benefits are nullified by the amount of sugar. There is now so much genetic engineering of fruits and they are so sweet. Of course people do not want to eat sour fruits, I mean, how healthy is that? If you fast once a week, you can go on herbal tea with a little honey.


You can also try broth, which the water from  lots and lots of boiled vegetables. Just prepare your vegetables, put a lot of water in it, boil, remove the water and drink it. All the vitamins and minerals from the vegetables you can now get from the water. You do not eat the vegetables. It is just the water you drink. Boil for about an hour and you can drink the broth. You can do that all day. Drink plenty of water.


It is important to exercise, but not too much because too much exercise can make your muscles sore and you develop lactic acid which is toxic, so moderate exercise is best.  Everyday, I like to walk for about four minutes around my area, which is very hilly. That is it.


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