October 14, 2013

Of vegetable oil market segmentation and endorsements

By Princewill Ekwujuru

For years, the vegetable oil market was flooded with substandard and adulterated edible oil which for long had been consumed by unsuspecting consumers who unaware of the side effects, such as: obesity, hypertension, heart disease, cancer etc.

These ailments took a worrisome trend and became a source of concern to many, especially medical experts who increasingly had to deal with mitigating or keeping at bay the scourge of these diseases which invariably emanated from the use of adulterated or substandard cooking oil.

In years past, medical experts had emphasised the need to use plant based cooking oils rather than butter, lard and animal fats and that’s because most plants based oils are much lower in saturated fat, and richer in poly-unsaturated fat and mono-saturated fats which actually do our hearts some good.

Persons who are aware of this fact and are willing to go for quality cooking oil often can’t afford to buy it, because it is far too expensive and beyond reach.

Dufil Prima Foods having observed this vacuum, privy of high rate of increased health complications in the society, came up with affordable non-fattening yet hygienic cooking oil in Power oil, thereby promoting healthier lifestyles among Nigerians.

While giving an insight into what informed the introduction of Power oil, the Managing Director of Dufil Prima Foods, Deepak Singhal explained during the launch of the product saying: “Our decision to introduce a health friendly product in Power Oil was borne out of our observation that substandard and adulterated oil have for long remained an item, regularly consumed by many who are mostly unaware of the numerous side effects, such as: obesity, hypertension, heart disease , cancer etc.

According to him, “the process of producing Power oil was a well thought out process which saw us follow a standard quality control test in sync with all global requirements to ensure that we put together a quality cooking oil that would indeed give utmost value to consumers”.

“Dufil has always been known for innovation, the launch of Power oil was informed by the huge gaps noticed in the nation’s vegetable oil market is one that is set to stand tall, firmly ahead of competitors or potential ones in this market” said Singhal.

He also noted that Power oil has set itself apart, in that, it is affordable, contains no trans-fat, totally cholesterol-free and comes in different sizes of 3litre, 75cl bottles and 140 ml sachet and distinct packaging making it available to all categories of consumers on preference.

The unveiling of the oil which was witnessed by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), National Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN), and major players in the nation’s vegetable oil industry.

In his remark, Dr. Joseph Odumodu, Director-General, SON, affirmed the potency of the oil, saying “it is safe for consumption. It meets all our consumable standards, the public can buy it for cooking with all confidence.”
“With this innovation, our job of keeping adulterated oil at bay has been made much easier,” noted Dr. Paul Orhii, Director-General, NAFDAC.

In the estimation of Prof. Ngozi Nnam, President, NSN, consumers need a high dose of nutrient to stay healthy, and Power oil is a cost-efficient way to achieve that. “Our multi-step process and laboratory tests prove that Power Oil is a good brand of vegetable oil for the health-conscious,” she said.