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Tweaks on camera pushes XperiaZ1 up the ladder

Those who think the fight for mobile market dominance is settled may have another think coming! If anything, there are device makers who are not taking the fight, friendly. And at the last check, Sony Mobile seems to lead that pack.

The mobile device maker is showing turf with the advancements on its flagship smartphone range, the Xperia Z.

Just a few days back, Sony announced a maintenance update for its Xperia Z1 and the Z Ultra and is now making serious in-roads into the US market. Sony’s confident entrance into the US market may not be unconnected with the tweaks it has made on these devices.

For instance, besides general performance and stability improvements, the Xperia camera algorithm has now been tweaked for a better, all round performance. It has also refined its entire smart social camera platform like the Burst mode, superior Auto, AR effect and sweep panaroma, giving the Xperia camera apps the capability to run more smoothly.

There is also the optimized touchscreen sensitivity, for both finger gestures and writing / sketching with pencils, metal pens and selected styluses which are evident in the Xperia Z Ultra

Meanwhile, in both the Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra, Sony has re-calibrated the display ever so slightly, to ensure viewing experiences remain bright and bold. They also spot economised power consumption for longer battery life even as they boast of streamlined exchange connection for faster email sync, display and download

Now, if you have a Sony Xperia in your hands, it does two things for you. You have a crazy smartphone which makes your fashion statement and a powerful camera which interprets the colour of your taste.


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