October 21, 2013

I am still around – Nwoye charges supporters

I am still around – Nwoye charges supporters

Tony Nwoye

By CLIFFORD NDUJIHE & Charles Kumolu
Comrade Tony Nwoye who won the PDP gubernatorial primaries but was forcibly replaced by Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu upon a court order, has affirmed that he remains a contender in the gubernatorial contest.

In a statement articulated just as Ukachukwu surfaced Anambra last weekend, Nwoye drew the attention of his supporters to his travails as he called upon them to keep hope alive saying that the judicial plots used by Ukachukwu to displace him would soon be overturned.

Tony Nwoye

Tony Nwoye

“Having been rejected by both Anambrarians and the PDP, Mr Ukachukwu who ran to a Federal High court in Port-Harcourt to secure a judgment to foist himself on INEC to publish his name as the PDP Candidate of the state, however, made a sudden U-Turn securing a motion to delay an appeal court judgment against him with the intent of frustrating the campaign efforts of Comrade Tony Nwoye,” the Nwoye campaign said in a press statement issued by Pharm. Chinedu Klinsmann

“INEC which was merely following court ruling when the commission published Ukachukwu’s name will immediately delete same if the appeal court says otherwise next (this) week.”

“As the state awaits the decision of the Supreme Court on the appeal of the PDP against Nicholas Ukachukwu coming up next (this) week, we enjoin all the good people of Anambra State and the supporters of Comrade Tony Nwoye to be steadfast and faithful to this collective cause of positive change, a change we can all believe in,” the Nwoye campaign said in a statement.

Beware of misfits, Obiano warns

APGA candidate Willie Obiano has warned voters to avoid giving their votes to those, who know little or nothing about global financial institutions and other similar organisations.

Obiano in a survey of his rivals warned the electorate that a number of the contenders for the governorship lack the pedigree for the office. Obiano, a former executive director with Fidelity Bank, however, did not mention names in his categorization of the misfits for the office.

Noting that his background in the financial services industry stands him out, he said:

“You might be surprised to know that most people jostling for Obi’s job today know little or nothing about the workings of the IMF and other related organisations. Obi is enjoying cosy relationship with them because he is of stable character. In terms of experimental pedigree I enjoy far reaching privileges among other candidates. So I can be trusted. This is why I am confident that I am the man for the job.”

“I don’t talk about individuals but issues. But for one of the candidates to say that Obi squandered three trillion is laughable. That shows that the person suffers from intellectual poverty because the monthly allocation of the state is published monthly. How do you expect such a person to emerge as governor. This is why it is obvious that the state needs continuity in order not to squander the records of the present administration.”

Anambra must no longer be used as a laboratory — Ukachukwu

GOVERNORHIP Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu, has advised the electorate to vote in the best and most experienced candidate in the next election, saying that the state must no longer be used as a laboratory by inexperienced hands.

Claiming that if what one had done for Anambra were the yardstick for the election, he would have been elected automatically, he said the PDP would approach the polls as a united family and trounce other parties.

He also said that Governor Peter Obi is morally bound to support him because he helped the governor to become elected.

On his advice  to the people of Anambra ahead of the election, he said: “The People of Anambra must choose wisely. They have to make their choice from those that they know very well. Anambra people should stop testing people because it is no more time for testing. AnambraState should not be used as laboratory equipment to perform litmus tests. They should try someone who has shown great commitment in improving the lives of the people.”

On his chances against other candidates, he said: “In AnambraState, most of the areas are my comfort zone and don’t forget that I have supported a lot of people that won elections including Peter Obi. My brother Ifeanyi Ubah is a new person and to be honest with you, he is doing well. He is a nice person, may be the timing is wrong. I have told you about my brother Ngige. For Peter Obi, how can a man that is fighting godfatherism be promoting the same thing he is fighting against. A man who has announced that he doesn’t believe in godfatherism, has now assumed the role of a godfather.  Obiano, a brother from Anambra North is being  imposed on the people by the governor.

Obi should have allowed the people of Anambra North to choose who they want instead of imposing Obiano on them.

“I played an important role for Peter Obi to emerge as the governor and I know he cannot deny it. And I think he needs to reciprocate it by supporting me to win this forthcoming election. He has never done anything for me and I have never asked him for any personal favour. All the things that I asked him based on public interest and welfare that would bring development to Anambra and improve the lives of the people, he did not grant any one. This is the first time I am saying this. I don’t castigate people. I don’t want to talk about what he has done and what he did not do; it is left for Anambra people to judge. But all I want to say is that he should reciprocate the relationship we have by supporting me rather than playing the politics of godfatherism. When I supported him, I did it from my heart and I think it is time for him to support me since he did not grant the things I took to him for the development of the state.

“By now, I would have finished building a university in AnambraState but Obi did not support me. If he had supported me I would have built more industries in AnambraState to create jobs for Anambra people but he did not support me.

The one I built several years ago, he has not given me the C of O till today. If he had supported me, I would have built a power plant in the state with my money but he did not support me. All these things I talked about are things I have done in many states. Today, we are building one of the biggest Hospitals in Nigeria.

If AnambraState governorship election is based on what one has done for his people and beyond, I will emerge the governor automatically. If it is water projects, I have done it more than any other candidate participating in this election and I challenge each and every one of them. I have turned wilderness into habitable wonderful city. So Anambra people are looking for someone that will turn the state into a marvelous city, and I am that person.”